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Set the record straightAs a 52-year resident, manager of a 50-year-old Leucadia business in the same location on Highway 101, and co-founding board member of Leucadia 101 Mainstreet Association (L-101), I’d just like to set the record straight about recent Encinitas Prop A shenanigans.

No. 1. The L-101 board on April 19 did not come to a unanimous vote against Prop A as abundantly is being implied in print, telephonically and online. According to one of our board members, the city requested our board take a stand on Prop A. Downtown’s Encinitas 101 had publicly announced at City Hall that their board was unanimously against it, (and conscientiously later had to retract that statement). But at our board meeting, there were three board members in favor of Prop A and one undecided that blocked the unanimous negative vote which certain board members in our group desired.

No. 2. Mike Andreen was invited to the L-101 board meeting to speak against Prop A. Bruce Ehlers who is versed on and committed to the favor of Prop A was on the other hand, uninvited (even after my request for him to be there as a valuable source of information on the proposition and a qualified point / counter point person to be present for Mike’s fiery darts). Mike couldn’t come for personal reasons and Bruce was remained forbidden to come “because he didn’t get back with L-101 on a previous request to supply L-101 with a one page report on Prop A”. Still, Bruce was ready, willing and able to be present for live comments and questions from our board but remained uninvited.

No. 3. with disregard for the truth and without permission used our L-101 logo to push their agenda against Prop A on their recently printed literature sent to many residents. Likewise, uses “Leucadia Main Street Association” deceitfully on their website to garner votes against Prop A. They have since been asked to cease to do so by our president, William Morrison and irrespectively have not ceased as of the date of this email to The Coast News. Personally, I value the names and reputations of our 101 associations and many have worked hard, spent lots of money and volunteered much of their lives for the benefit of each community (add to that, all the taxpayers who partially fund our organizations), so I’m pretty appalled at this lack of respect by anyone to misrepresent our group for private political gain. I am also dismayed that the hundreds of paid members of our local organizations were NOT the ones polled about Prop A, but instead a handful of board members only. Not to mention the urgency of the 11th hour decision thrust upon us without any previous discussion within our group after several months of Prop A being an important public decision for all of Encinitas.

I originally wrote this letter prior to inviting the public to the annual Leucadia Town Council Membership Meeting at the Encinitas Library in which there was an excellent debate between (former Planning Commissioner) Pro A: Bruce Ehlers and (Local Architect); Con A: Steve Shakelton, but it was not printed in time. If you are still undecided about Prop A, please consider what merit there is to any organization that has to misrepresent facts to the public to gain votes. I hope you’ll then please vote YES on Prop A.

Fred Caldwell,


Felien is the extremist

Once again, Councilman Felien just doesn’t get it. (U-T, 5/22/13: Sanchez Losing Seat on Coastal).

He uses words in a recent article about Councilwoman Sanchez and Coastal Commission appointments like a bludgeon. Words like “environmental extremism” for those who care about a healthy environment demonstrates he doesn’t recognize himself and the part he plays when environmentally caring folks push back. Felien, Feller and Kern (FFK) are the so-called extremists, approving businesses “at any cost.”

They almost never turn down any business, no matter how pollutant producing it is or how much it negatively affects taxpayers and the neighborhoods. They continue to work under the assumption they were elected by someone else besides the voters in Oceanside who value clean beaches and clean air. Mostly they vote to please their taskmasters, their out of town lobbyist campaign supporters like the ABC and Building Industry Association.

Many of us believe a good, clean environment creates revenue-generating opportunities that are beneficial to a broad range of interested parties. Sadly, FFK can’t seem to grasp the concept that a healthy environment is business friendly and also very tourism-dollar friendly. Oceanside relies a great deal on clean beaches and that includes keeping upstream creeks and rivers clean too. Caring about the environment and approving revenue generating business are not mutually exclusive, as long as you follow the rules. FFK seem to only follow the rules they like.

Nadine Scott,