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Letter: Protect Act a threat to safe communities

Residents and citizens will want to be on the look-out for legislation called the Protect Act.

The Protect Act is a misleading name for newly proposed legislation currently working its way through the city of San Diego from the still active “defund the police” movement.

Proposed by radical activists and one lone San Diego City Council member who believe “criminals are victims,” the Protect Act is an attack on the police’s ability to do their important and critical work.

The Protect Act’s sole aim is to “stop the stop,” by stopping all traffic stops currently made by the San Diego police, and would totally hamper the ability of the police to prevent crimes and detain suspicious individuals.

Police would no longer be able to pull over drunk drivers, suspicious vehicles or unregistered cars, as an example.

Supporters of the Protect Act believe routine traffic stops are “racist” and therefore must be halted and banned.

Opponents of the Protect Act ( support law and order, safe communities and local law enforcement.

Why would law-abiding citizens want to see the erosion of public safety and put limits on law and order that limit policing? That’s a fair question.

Most importantly, this legislation is  currently in place today in embattled San Francisco, Berkeley, Los Angeles, Seattle and Philadelphia, all left-leaning cities, and has the chance to spread further if residents and citizens don’t engage and put a stop to it.

If the Protect Act were to pass in the city of San Diego, it will make Encinitas less safe, while eventually making its way to the Encinitas City Council’s agenda (and elsewhere).

This is a call to action to tell Todd Gloria, mayor of San Diego, that this is unacceptable legislation.

Encinitans strongly support our local police/sheriff and want law and order, not politics, to be the basis of local policing. Encinitas is a safer city than most, let’s keep it that way.

Let’s support neighboring cities to Just Say NO now to the problematic Protect Act, and protect San Diego County residents from the same failed policies elsewhere in the state and nation. Stop the Protect Act now.

Eric Thampes

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