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Late night no laughing matter for Chargers

REGION – Late night proved to be unfunny for the Chargers following an unusually late start time and subsequent loss to the Raiders 27-17 in Oakland on Sunday night, dropping them to a 2-3 record and a tie for last place in the AFC West. 

Giving the players off on Monday, head coach Mike McCoy took the podium at Chargers Park with a monolog that could have included a top 10 list of its own of things that went wrong.

“We had too many mistakes overall as a football team,” McCoy said. “We turned the ball over five times. It’s tough enough as it is, week in and week out, to win in the NFL. When you turn the ball over five times and they get 17 points created from turnovers, it makes it awful tough.”

Quarterback Philip Rivers, who threw for 411 yards and two touchdowns, also threw three interceptions. The first interception coming at the start of the game; the last two coming in the second half when the team opted to all but abandon the running game in an attempt to try and play catch up as time dwindled.

Running back Danny Woodhead fumbled and receiver Eddie Royal wasn’t able to execute a shuffle pass during a muffed punt return.

“Last night we picked a bad night to have a bad night,” McCoy said.

Coming off the win against Dallas at home, McCoy said they played how they wanted to play in that game.

“We’ve shown the good and we’ve shown the bad. We have to eliminate all the bad and get to where we were at the Dallas game,” he said.

This comes as the Chargers begin preparing for the Indianapolis Colts (4-1) for a Monday Night Football showdown.