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Jaffe reflects on his first year with the RSF School District

RANCHO SANTA FE — While the school year has officially ended, Superintendent David Jaffe relishes on an outstanding first year with R. Roger Rowe and looks forward to the ways he can make 2017-2018 even better.

When Jaffe became superintendent in August 2016, he already knew he’d be impressed with the Rancho Santa Fe School District. However, it wasn’t until he served his role that the district exceeded his expectations.

Rancho Santa Fe School Superintendent David Jaffe. Photo by Christina Macone-Greene

The environment of the first year afforded Jaffe the chance to get to know a whole new group of people, understand what inspires them and then find ways to identify how he could help support the organization. Jaffe calls the Rancho Santa Fe School District incredibly special.

The district has given Jaffe the opportunity to serve in a leadership capacity while being a part of the community. When he stepped into his role last summer, he was already aware how well the Rancho Santa Fe District performed academically.

“I didn’t have the intention to come in and change things around immediately. It was about spending a year’s time to get to know the organization, its history and then defining the direction that we go,” Jaffe said. “What I’ve come to find in this role is that I have an incredibly talented staff, and I’d like to give them the opportunity to grow in the work that they do. I have a supportive parent population that will do really anything for this school.”

While working to provide the best education for R. Roger Rowe children, Jaffe noted how imperative it was to create a culture where the students felt comfortable and were a part of it.

Looking ahead, Jaffe shared that he wants the stakeholders in the school to be part of a self-evaluation process starting in the fall, which will include the creation of action plans and action goals regarding instruction such as math and the language arts curriculums.

“When we go through and evaluate our programs, and we set a direction in the course and moving forward, it’s that we do it together,” he said. “I’m really excited about engaging our community in the process and developing that community culture where parents and teachers feel comfortable working together.

“For those parents whose children are starting their kindergarten education at R. Roger Rowe, and it’s their first child through education, take a deep breath, trust the school to help guide you, and be involved. And for those who are coming from other places, regardless of where they come from and regardless of which year they come, the moment they step onto the campus, they’re part of our school, and they’re part of the family here.”

While that is still weeks away, Jaffe said he wants everyone to take the summer to rejuvenate, be a family and enjoy each other.