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The joys and happiness we do have in life wouldn’t be nearly as sweet without the storms. Stock photo
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How storms help us grow

Sometimes we know when a storm is coming and other times they pop up out of nowhere. We do our best to be prepared, have knowledge and weather the storm.

Much like the weather, our personal lives follow a similar pattern. We sometimes know when we are about to face a conflict in our relationships, and then there are the times when tragedy strikes and we do our best to get through the storm. These storms can be quick and painless, and other times they leave behind much damage and repair.

Take an inventory of your life now. What is the current conflict you are in? Are there several, just a few or are you experiencing a nice moment of bliss?

One common approach for severe weather is an if-this-then-that plan. We do plan to go to the game, but if we get rained out we have a plan B.

Think about a recent conflict in a relationship. How did it start? Was it a brand-new conflict that has never been addressed before or the same old fight?

If you find yourself in a pattern, then the cycle has to be broken for things to change. This usually means someone has to make a compromise, a big change or a sacrifice.

When we come to this plateau it is usually a sign that growth needs to occur. Growing is always strenuous, so focus on the end result versus the difficulty of the change.

Another type of storm you may be in is a trauma or tragedy of some sort like an illness, a severe accident or a death. In these cases, there is no way to plan for the difficulty. There’s only being as prepared as possible, educating yourself on what has happened, and doing your best to find resiliency through the journey.

I don’t know about you, but when difficult things happen in life I find myself asking… why? It seems so unnecessary to experience the pain and suffering. It’s awful and sad. Then you hear the stories behind the survivors of the stories, and they are the most mature, growth-minded and grateful people.

Maybe storms are just necessary for all of us to weather. They change things for us so that we don’t continue to go in a circle. Storms force us to grow, develop and build resilience. The joys and happiness we do have in life wouldn’t be nearly as sweet without them.

No matter what season you are in currently, buckle down, weather the storm and know that it’s only making you grow.

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