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Homework wars: issue of the past

ENCINITAS — Rancho Encinitas Academy is a K through 8 private school located on a hilly property that used to be the grounds of a nursery. In addition to bunnies, there are two large aviaries containing cockatiels, parakeets and white peace doves. The pleasant tweeting from the birds, as well as the gentle breeze rustling through the leaves of the many trees, contribute to the feeling of security and peacefulness which is an important element in helping students do their best.
Small cabin-like standalone classrooms, with computers and all the other accoutrements expected in today’s high-tech and advanced learning environments, are scattered throughout the property.
A child completing the 8th (and final) grade offered here can expect to have his or her pick of any of the competitive schools around.
For students the greatest thing about this school is that it enables them to internalize successful learning strategies without becoming a stressed-out drone collapsing under the weight of academic pressure.
Parents can find comfort in that it is mid-range in price compared to other private schools in the area, offers a safe and pleasant learning environment, and will help their child be a successful learner while at the same time taking them off the nightly “homework wars” treadmill.
The many “educational programs” offered these days are difficult for a parent to navigate. You want your child to be happy, but you also want to prepare your child to successfully complete high school and college. This school provides a great foundation that will enable your child to feel confident and be able to succeed academically.
Call the office at (760) 942-2011, e-mail [email protected] or visit to learn more about this successful learning philosophy. Your child does not have to give up fun things like art, yoga, Spanish and PE (all provided every week) to be a successful student.