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Because glasses and face coverings really don’t mix, there's FogBlock. Courtesy photos
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Hit the Road: Gifts for travelers in your life

Don’t look now, but the holidays are officially upon us. For many, the celebrations will be marked with a mix of emotions.

It’s been a difficult year in varying degrees for nearly everyone. If gifts are part of the festivities, here are some suggestions for the travelers in your life, who will be hoping to use these items in the not-too-distant future. 

Bullbird travel pillow

Bullbird travel pillow

A neck pillow is essential equipment for airline travel or any extended trip. The problem with the standard travel pillow, however, is its size. The Bullbird Travel Pillow is both 80 percent smaller than the conventional travel pillow and more ergonomic.

Its minimalist, lightweight design provides extra support for the cervical vertebra and takes up less room in your carry-on or backpack. Comes with microfiber carrying pouch with a carabiner for attaching to luggage. About $60.

EC3D face mask

Suddenly there are hundreds of face masks on the market and for good reason: They not only are essential for trips to the grocery store but especially for real travel. I’ve worn many, and the Engineered Compression 3-Dimensional or EC3D mask is one of my favorites.

EC3D face mask

Made in Canada by a compression gear company, the mask is constructed with copper fiber. It scores an 84.4 percent on the Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) scale, and a 98.1 percent on the Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) scale.

The mask is lightweight, cool, washable/reusable and form-fitting, but your face doesn’t feel hermetically sealed. $18.49. (Professional-grade masks also available on the site.)


Glasses and face-coverings really don’t mix. Wearing both can be aggravating because it’s a continual battle to prevent the glasses from fogging up. Spray your spectacles with FogBlock by KeySmart and you won’t have that problem. Apply 10 minutes beforehand. Safe for all lenses and one application can last 24 hours. Comes in a travel-size, 1-ounce bottle. $14.99.

Olika hand sanitizer

Olika Hand Sanitizer

Besides being so darn cute and the perfect stocking-stuffer, Olika Hydrating Hand Sanitizer is practical.  (Olika – pronounced “oo-lee-kah” – is a Swedish word meaning “differently.”) The formula contains natural aloe, glycerin, essential oils and 65 percent ethyl alcohol, the CDC-approved formula that kills 99 percent of germs. The 0.6 fluid-ounce, clip-on bottle with 300-plus mists is $4.99. The 1-ounce spray is $5.99. The 3-ounce refill is $7.99. Bottles come in six colors.

Plaine Products

Plaine Products

Plaine Products is out to save the Earth, one bottle at a time. The brand says that those who have purchased their personal care products in refillable aluminum bottles have reduced the number of one-use plastic bottles mucking up the environment by 200,000. All Plaine Products are vegan; non-GMO; Leaping Bunny certified (cruelty-free certification); and free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates and palm oil. Face wash, face moisturizer, toner and beauty oil available in various sizes and prices, including 2.5-ounce travel size.



In the truly-space-saving category when it comes to packing is a line of non-toxic, gender-neutral hygiene products from recurrent.

Designed with Gen Z in mind, the product line’s newest addition is the 2:1, a body wash/shampoo combo. Key ingredients: refined shea butter (moisturizer); coconut oil (soothes); reishi mushroom (anti-bacterial). 4-ounce bottle $10.

Next week: more gift suggestions.  Happy holidays.

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