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Family creates app to help find the best catch

OCEANSIDE — A family with roots here and in Russia has developed an app to help hobby-fishing fans find the best catch on the right day anywhere in the world.

Developing an app for hobby fishermen and women first occurred to Konstantin Breysler, a developer who lives in Oceanside, nearly three years ago when he heard his father complaining about other fishing apps and tools that weren’t working for him.

Konstantin Breysler is best friends with his parents who live all the way in Russia where he is originally from. Though he enjoys fishing, he doesn’t have time for it like his father, who is passionate about the hobby.

“My garage is full of fishing rods and it’s all from my dad,” Konstantin Breysler said, noting that his parents try to visit them every year.

When he and his wife, Jen Breysler, and their children visit Russia, he ends up out on the water somewhere with his father.

“He really loves fishing and I decided to make it for him,” Konstantin Breysler said about the app, called Fishing Forecast Pro.

Konstantin Breysler’s dad is not a developer like him, but he has a lot of free time to fish now that he is retired. He also helps his son with the app by providing useful information about weather patterns and how they affect fishing in certain areas.

The app works by showing which fish will be biting more and where depending on weather factors.

“What’s really unique about the app is we take into consideration fishing habits depending on the weather,” said Jen Breysler.

Those who use the app while fishing can use a log on the app to keep track of what fish they found where and what the weather was like at the time. This helps the app better determine the best catch for other fishermen and women out there.

“It helps make it more precise,” Jen Breysler said.

The Breyslers launched the app earlier in the spring. Jen Breysler, who does most of the marketing and customer support work for the app, said their downloads are rising. Currently, they only advertise the app on Google Play and the Apple app store. Interest in the app has also grown through word-of-mouth.

“It’s moving along pretty good,” Konstantin Breysler said. “I’m pretty happy about it.”

The app is free for any user to download on Google Play or in the Apple Store. Users can also purchase the premium version, which provides a seven-day forecast for fishing.

“The more fishermen we attract the more data we have, which makes it better for everyone,” Jen Breysler said.

Soon, the app will allow users to share their catches with their friends.

Konstantin Breysler only gets to see his parents in person a few times a year since his family lives in Oceanside and his parents live in Russia. By working on the app with his dad, they talk on a daily basis, which makes the distance feel a little smaller.

“It’s an interesting project we get to work on together, and it’s important because he’s so far away that we have this kind of connection,” Konstantin Breysler said.