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Facility fuses physical fitness, community

CARDIFF BY THE SEA — With focus and desire anyone can achieve results. At least that’s what some gym membership salespeople will tell you. Traditional industry business models put most, if not all of the onus on the client to get the desired results of working out. But at EZIA Human Performance, the missing component is readily apparent.
EZIA offers support and a community atmosphere that motivates clients in a way that some traditional gyms don’t. In fact, its clients consider it an alternative to a gym. Absent are the rows and rows of intimidating machines that many people say they don’t really know what to do with.
Instead, EZIA is a training center that offers private and small group coaching, physical therapy, nutrition and world-class fitness regimes tailored to athletes and regular individuals looking for a means to achieve better athletic results.
After only one year in business, co-founder Isaiah Truyman is building upon a business model that promotes a results-based training model. “Ultimate fitness success lies in our ability to activate one’s potential and deliver results in a no-nonsense program that takes the four basic categories of life into consideration,” Truyman said. These four pillars include mindset, fitness, nutrition and rejuvenation.
Truyman, a Boston transplant, has incorporated his love of community into not only the workout component in the facility but also to the public at large. EZIA is working with local nonprofits to assist in achieving the goals of groups like Jeans 4 Justice and Stand Up for Kids.
The overwhelming success of the one-year-old business is contributed largely to the results approach Truyman and the various coaches and physical therapists working to help EZIA clients. “It’s all about relationships,” he said. “We’ve grown organically. This is success in a success-based setting.”
Because clients have such busy schedules, including the professional athletes who frequent EZIA, coaches help instill the ability to balance their lifestyles. Part of that equation means including entire families into the fitness regime.
Hilary Marshall and her husband John take two of their three sons to EZIA to improve their performance. Jake, 11 and Nick, 9, train specifically for surfing. “They (EZIA coaches) are so good about communication; they are very much always progressing with them,” Marshall said. She and her youngest son, Connor, 7, also participate in some of the workouts.
“It’s definitely tailored and age appropriate,” she said. “Their staff is just incredible; warm, friendly where the whole atmosphere is inviting.”
Marshall described the “vibe” that she and her family feel at EZIA. “I entrust my kids and myself with them plus what they do in the community just makes them just good people,” she said.
Diane Mandle, Truyman’s mother and a sound healer and owner of the local, said she isn’t surprised at EZIA’s success thus far.
“He’s done in one year what would take most people several years to do,” she said. “He’s always wanted to be a mentor. He loves kids,” Mandle said. “He’s gotten involved not only in the business aspect but in the community as well.”
She said the unique approach to incorporating so many aspects of well-being under one roof is appealing. “I think there is a holistic view of ourselves. When you access one of those areas it impacts all areas of our being if we allow it. It’s all completely related.”
For more information, call EZIA at (760) 635-1200 or visit

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