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Funny Doctor. Serious Medicine.

The Face of Family & Sports Medicine
Jeffrey K. Pearson, D.O., F.A.O.A.S.M. | Medicine in Motion

2808 Roosevelt St. 100
Carlsbad, CA 92008

At Medicine in Motion, we’re all about good old-fashioned family medicine, which to us means providing quality medical care at a reasonable cost.

I’ve been practicing family medicine for over 35 years. Today, my wife Laurie and I run our family and sports medicine practice with a simple mission: to not only help patients address their concerns but attempt to interject some fun into the usual mind-numbing healthcare experience. After all, as it said, “laughter is the best medicine.”


Unfortunately, the practice of medicine today has become much more stressful for physicians and patients alike. The complexities added to the used-to-be-simple healthcare delivery system by the insurance industry frustrates everybody involved. For example, shorter office visits might mean that patients don’t get all of their concerns addressed in a single session, forcing them to schedule follow up visits. Then, there are all of the numerous hoops to jump through for referrals and prescriptions.

Furthermore, many people do not have insurance or have insurance but with high deductibles (and must pay cash). The bottom line: we felt our patient’s pain in these matters and asked ourselves, “How can we help these people?”


I listen closely to my patients and try to address all their concerns during the same visit. They deserve to know that they are heard and cared for by their physician. Our patients appreciate how Laurie and I treat them like family. For them, we often share music, the stupidest jokes in the world, or maybe even the occasional magic trick.

Humor is an essential part of life that I use to make patients feel at ease. It helps them understand their conditions in a manner that allows them to remember our discussions. I’ve been doing this for a long time and was pleased to have been recognized by The American Academy of Family Practice and the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine by being honored with the Patient Care Award for Excellence in Patient Education.

To help our seniors and military community members, we decided to “accept assignment” for Medicare and Tricare (we also participate in some PPO plans). For those uninsured or cash patients, we’ve been able to keep our overhead low so that we can keep our charges lower than most offices and urgent care clinics.

As an Osteopathic physician, I am accustomed to being considered as a combination of medical doctor and chiropractor. The most frequent reasons for patients’ seeking medical care (after the common cold) are headaches and back problems. Our office provides “one-stop shopping” for these patients.

I’ve worked with athletes on all levels ranging from Pop Warner to the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. I also served as the Medical Consultant for the world-renown Golden Door Spa, in Escondido, for 25 years and as the Medical Director for the Carlsbad 5000.

I emphasize wellness and disease prevention. Patients often consult with us for affordable hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which most of us (men and women) require after a certain age to keep our bodies from falling apart. We also offer the ability to remove everyday skin annoyances such as skin tags and warts using our Cryopen.

Finally, if there ever was a time when we needed to laugh, 2020 was it. Between a pandemic and politics, we witnessed patients’ stress levels going through the roof. The world needs more laughter. Laurie and I feel that everybody should have at least one good joke that they like and “own it” – learn to tell it well. The world would be a better place. And please share them with us!

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