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Eastside neighborhood requests preferential parking permits

OCEANSIDE — Residents on the southeast bend of Foster Street are the third group in the immediate neighborhood to request preferential parking permits to alleviate overparking.

Parking permits were formerly granted for Crestline Drive and adjacent Libby Street, Carrey Road, Cresser Street and Hilldale Street, as well as Grace Street and the northwest bend of Foster Street.

Previously granted permit zones seemed to have pushed the problem further down the road.  Photos of were the current zone ends on Foster Street shows few cars within the zone, and bumper to bumper cars beyond it.

Residents who live on Foster Street outside the current zone told the Planning Commission on Monday that their trash cans are often moved by drivers in order to have a place to park, and trash is not picked up until the following week.

They said some drivers leave cars parked for days and then avoid citations by moving their vehicles before enforcement deadlines kick in.

Even worse, residents reported drug use and sex within and outside the parked cars.

Residents said they feel unsafe. They said loud music and car alarms sound, trash is routinely left, and people loiter in their driveways.

“I’m sick of picking up used condoms,” Bonnie Hepburn said. “We deserve equal treatment and peace of mind on our street.”

Residents who support the extended permit zone said they are willing to pay for annual $15 permits and deal with limited guest parking passes, in order to end current problems and reduce crime.

The proposed area consists of 10 homes. Signatures were collected from 70 percent of block residents.

Restricted parking would be enforced from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

Most who opposed the parking permits do not live within the proposed zone, which begins on Foster Street and the intersection of El Monte Drive and stops at the intersection of Saratoga Street.

Residents on both intersecting streets did not show enough support for permits to be included in the additional zone.

Robert Fabun, who lives on Saratoga Street, objected to the permits and said additional permit parking would move the problem in front of his house.

He and other residents asked if further enforcement could squash the parking problem by issuing citations to cars from outside the area, and enforcing limits on the number of allowed renters in nearby apartments.

One speaker claimed over six people per unit live in the 100 one- to two-bedroom Oceana Apartment units on nearby Canyon Drive, which the permit zones surround.

“We need to address this before someone is incapable of dealing with it,” Fabun said.

It was noted that the apartments were built when less parking spaces per unit were required.

As far as addressing overcrowded units, city staff said violations need to be reported by apartment residents to warrant city inspection.

The opposing views on permits have caused tensions between neighbors. Following the vote several residents said they felt threatened by Fabun’s comments that night. During meeting discussions a few residents reported harassment by Fabun as they collected signatures of support.

The Planning Commission unanimously recommended the permits.

The City Council will have final approval.

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Promise Yee October 30, 2016 at 1:51 pm

Correction, requested permit parking would be enforced from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.
Promise Yee

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