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Del Mar as SoCal horse racing center?

Some folks favor it
Back stretch banter is that horsemen would like to see racing at the Surfside course the year-round. Among them is Del Mar Councilman Carl Hilliard, who owns a stable and races were the Turf Meets the Surf.
The scenario goes likes this. Fairplex at Los Angeles County Fairgrounds is ready to give up its short meet that immediately follows Del Mar. It desires to become a year-round training facility. Oak Tree that follows Fairplex has already indicated it will race at Del Mar in 2012. Santa Anita that operates during the winter would yield to Del Mar. It and Hollywood Park that runs in the late spring have from time to time indicated they would rather be investing in commercial and residential development. Except for Del Mar, horse racing is waning in popularity and is no longer considered a crown jewel in sports. If the Surfside City purchases the fairgrounds, considered a 100 to 1 long shot, it would have to retain professionals to operate racing and they don’t come for free.
Scout project
Olivenhain Boy Scout troop 2000 made the 125-year-old Germania Hotel its Halloween project and created the scenes and were the spooky actors. The very nominal admission charged will be used for activities and scholarships. Kudos for a highly successful endeavor.
Fireworks displays
Relentless effort by San Diego Regional Water Quality Board to place stringent regs on Fourth of July fireworks shows could deprive families from watching them in a safe environment. They are synonymous with hot dogs and watermelons and haven’t harmed anyone or anything for a century.
Gang rules continued
A Superior Court judge has continued a ban on O’side gang activities that is reported to have curtailed crime. Prohibitions include no wearing of gang colors or hanging together by members.
Cardiff native
Services were held Oct. 16 for Herb Lux who was born in Cardiff in 1925 and whose family was a native of the Olivenhain area. Lux Canyon bears the family’s name. Torrey pines growing in local parks and streets were grown and planted from seedlings by the family.
Holiday parking
A 50-cent parking rate is in effect in the L’Auberge Surfside City operated basement. Object of the reduced rate is to attract holiday shoppers to the commercial area. Annual parking permits are also available.
Trash revenue to sand
O’side electeds are planning to use a portion of the revenue from its new Waste Management contract for sand replenishment. Beaches in the harbor and pier areas are reported to be in crummy state because of recent storms and said to be the worst since the 1970s.
Solbeach appointment
Solbeach resident Arnie Bertram has been appointed to the board of SCORE, an organization that assists small business in operations of all kinds. Bertram has 45 years of management experience and was highly successful.
Events & news
San Diego County Fairgrounds now has an hour-long program on Internet radio It features timely happenings and news. Media relationships pro Linda Zweig is behind the mic. Catch the program on Thursdays from 2 to 3 p.m.
Redistricting panel
With elections now history a panel will begin the task of redistricting the county. Voters in a previous election took redistricting out of the mitts of electeds who formed districts to assure they could be elected in perpetuity.
Senior citizens who have not received a cost of living increase in two years may be getting a $250 check as a token from congressional electeds of their concern for their well-being … Race fans can catch all the Breeder’s Cup excitement from Churchill Downs Friday and Saturday Nov. 5 and Nov. 6, at Surfside Race Place at the fairgrounds. It will feature the final appearance of Zenyatta, the undisputed crown lady of racing … Del Mar School District is looking at a location on El Camino Real for its future administration operations when it vacates its Shores site on Ninth Street … Solbeach Chamber will have its annual Holiday Sundowner at Union Bank on Dec. 1 … Lynne Friedman of Solbeach has received the San Diego Press Club prestigious award for contribution in public relations as a science writer.
It’s a wrap
In 2000, “Eye on the Coast” was created. Its principal object was to briefly report about folks and events in the North Coast, San Marcos and Vista. Never to intentionally offend anyone. Well, every once in a while an elected landed in the frying pan. If it was offensive it was not intended. Words and expressions were treated differently and sometimes a reader would call the editor to suggest the writer go back to elementary skool and learn to spell. So now it’s time to put the vintage Royal typewriter on the shelf along with a half-dozen others. It really is responsible for all the misspellings. Oh and if readers don’t know what a typewriter is, it came before the electric typing machines and while computers were in the design stages.
So now we bid our contributors and loyal readers adieu, aloha and thanx. It’s been a great ride due to the great The Coast News staff and publisher Jim Kydd.

Hasta la Vista

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JIM SMITH November 22, 2010 at 3:20 pm

Farewell. I’ll miss you. "eye on the coast" was my favorite "must read" column every week.

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