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CP Air certification deadline extended

CARLSBAD — California Pacific Airlines (CP Air), the potential first airline from North County, resubmitted its certification application to the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) after requesting more time to reexamine its entire submission. 

After the FAA had found CP Air’s initial application incomplete, the FAA required CP Air to resubmit its application by Sept. 13.

CP Air requested a deadline extension on Sept. 10 in order to have enough time to revisit every element within the 27 manuals of its submission to incorporate all of the FAA’s feedback.

John Selvaggio, CP Air's president and CEO. Courtesy photo
John Selvaggio, CP Air’s president and CEO. Courtesy photo

“We recognized that it would be prudent for us to take a harder look at our submission in order to provide the best possible responses,” said John Selvaggio, CP Air’s president and CEO.

The FAA granted the extension, setting a new deadline of Sept. 30. But the FAA warned in its letter that if the airline missed the new deadline, its certification application would be terminated, which would require the airline to start a new application and return to a waiting list at the “lowest priority.”

Selvaggio said that CP Air submitted its revised materials to the FAA on Sept. 25.

CP Air now awaits further review from the FAA.