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More employees are working remotely than ever before, and many companies have struggled to equip themselves properly. Cox Business Cloud Solutions can help. File photo
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Cox Business Work-At-Home solutions help companies and employees

As working at home has become the new normal, and many will find themselves teleworking in the foreseeable future, many forward-thinking employers are taking extra measures to ensure employee productivity isn’t hindered by connectivity challenges.

Cox Business recently introduced its new Cox Business Work-At-Home solutions, including an enterprise-grade, separate internet connection direct to employees’ homes.

Cox Business’ Work-At-Home solutions allow organizations to provide remote staff with company-provided services, including broadband, Wi-Fi, McAfee endpoint security and MalBlock to help ensure employees have the same highly reliable, quick connectivity they would have when working in the office.

“Wi-Fi, congestion and security issues have been a concern of many companies as more employees have to work from home,” said Duane Cameron, Vice President of Cox Business in San Diego. “Cox Business Work-At-Home solutions separate work and home connectivity, giving employees enterprise-grade connectivity and Wi-Fi to promote more productive employees and a better work-from-home experience.”

Additional benefits of Cox Business’ Work at Home solution include:

• Enterprise-grade security with McAfee and MalBlock at home to protect the business;

• Professional installation for data connectivity and self-install for voice functionality;

• Access to a range of commercial features like static IP addresses;

• Complementary business-grade service level agreements and support to quickly resolve issues;

• Secure business voice identity for working at home or on-the-go;

• A la carte options to ensure conferencing and collaboration needs are met, including Microsoft 365, available from RapidScale, a Cox Business company, and Cox Business Complete Care (which combines remote troubleshooting and resolution of PC, laptop and app issues)

• Centralized billing directly to the business.

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At Cox, we’ve been working with companies of all sizes to help them transition to a virtual workforce, and we’ve successfully transitioned our own employees to work from home while continuing to support our customers and community. We’ve seen firsthand some of the challenges newly remote workers are facing.

Here are some easy tips to telework successfully.

Use phone calls instead of video chats for meetings. Video calls are great way to feel more connected to co-workers, but not every conference call needs to be a video call, especially if there’s no visual component to your discussion.

Hit reset. Resetting your router gives it a break and helps refresh your internet connection.

Clear your cache. The “cookies” that companies use to collect your browsing data slow your connection over time, so it’s important to clear the cache on your browser regularly.

Location is key. Your internet experience may be slowed down if your wifi router is near a microwave, fish tank, or mirror. Also make sure to elevate your wifi modem on a shelf or tall piece of furniture since wifi signals travel outward and downward. Check out more wifi tips here.

Turn off devices not in use. Don’t forget to turn off devices not in use such as a wifi coffee maker or the kids’ iPads when they’ve reached their screen time limit. Or simply pause their wifi connection when you have to take an important video call.

Secure your wifi. Make sure your home internet is password protected so that no one else but your family is using it.

Whether you’re struggling to balance childcare with your job responsibilities, jockeying with roommates for communal space, or struggling with not having the personal connection with co-workers and clients, transitioning to remote work is an adjustment.

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