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Connecticut author Michael C. White will come the Rancho Santa Fe Library April 20 to speak about his latest novel, “Resting Places.” Courtesy photo
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Connecticut author to speak in Rancho Santa Fe

RANCHO SANTA FE — Regarded author Michael C. White, Ph.D, has a special connection to Rancho Santa Fe. His brother lives in the area as does a former student. The Connecticut writer having authored his seventh novel also teaches literature and fiction writing at Fairfield University.

While White visits with friends and family in the Ranch, on April 20, he will be taking part in an event at the RSF library presenting his newest novel, “Resting Places.”

The book has received excellent advanced reviews.

White shared that his wife is a radiologist attending a conference in San Diego, so it was the opportune time to accompany her, have a book launch, and do a couple readings, as well.

“It’s great time to combine pleasure with business and writing,” White said.

According to White, he’s looking forward to catching up with RSF resident Sarah Sleeper, who was in his MFA program in Connecticut.

“Sarah is a fiction writer and has published a number of short stories recently,” he said.

For his newest piece, “Resting Places” is about a middle-aged woman who has lost her only son in a car accident.

“The novel begins about a year after she learns of his death, and she’s been having great trouble overcoming it. Her marriage is suffering and there was a mystery surrounding his death,” he said, noting at least the mother sees it as a mystery.

The accident occurred in New Mexico.

In a “chance meeting,” the mother, Elizabeth, meets a man who is at a roadside memorial remembering the death of his own wife. This is Elizabeth’s impetus to journey on a cross-country trip in an effort to find out what happened to her son. Along the way, she finds spiritual solace and the hope for better days.

White said his inspiration for writing this piece came from visiting roadside memorials.

“I finally stopped at one, and I looked at what was written and what was left there,” he said. “And it really was telling a story.”

From start to finish, “Resting Places” took a couple years to craft. White writes in a renovated small cabin which used to be a chicken coop. In the woods, he writes in the morning with his two Labradors resting nearby.

When White visits guests at the RSF library for his reading, he hopes that people leave the event with enhanced sense of meaning.

“What I think I’d like people to take away from reading the novel is that we all experience loss, and we have to go through it,” he said.  “And we can learn to deepen our feelings, deepen our love for the lost one, and deepen our understanding for the lost one.”

“Resting Places” is a story of inspiration.

To learn more about the upcoming reading visit or call (858) 756-2512.