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Thousands of pounds of food donated from local stores to Community Resource Center's nutrition center, which feed more than 450 families a month, are delivered in the trucks. Courtesy photo
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Community Resource Center takes delivery of new delivery truck

ENCINITAS — Take five, Wilma and Fred.

That’s what the folks at Community Resource Center are saying to their longtime refrigerated truck units — nicknamed after the couple in “The Flinstones” cartoon show — as they took delivery of the brand new truck that will assume most of their duties. 

CRC — a nonprofit charged with eliminating homelessness and protecting domestic violence victims — paid for the new truck with donations they raised during a midyear campaign to replace one of the aging trucks. Thousands of pounds of food donated from local stores to the agency’s nutrition center, which feed more than 450 families a month, are delivered in the trucks.

“There is a phrase printed on the side of our new truck, and it is something that I really believe is possible: ‘Turning Hunger into Hope,’” CRC Executive Director John Van Cleef said. “Those who are homeless or struggling to make ends meet may come to CRC hungry, but they receive food, services and support that can turn that hunger into hope. Thank you to our generous community for helping us alleviate hunger and transform lives.” 

Originally meant to replace Fred, CRC ultimately decided to replace Wilma, who had logged more miles and was in even worse shape than her hubby, CRC spokeswoman Lauren Montague said. 

Fred has been repaired and will be used for short-range deliveries, Montague said.

CRC officials said the former truck has broken down on the road several times in recent months, and the “check engine” light has been on. Every time the truck breaks down, since it lacks a refrigeration unit, perishable items spoil, depriving families of the goods.

In June, CRC announced its campaign to raise $65,000 for the new truck. They raised $67,000, after receiving donations from a number of sponsors, including eight who contributed $5,000 apiece. 

The truck cost $60,000, so the rest of the donations will be used to pay for maintenance and fuel, Montague said. 

The truck has already been put to work after it since its delivery on Dec. 11, as the organization used it to ship turkeys to the Del Mar Fairgrounds for its annual holiday basket event. 

Montague said that the organization is seeking recommendations for a name for the new truck. The most popular suggestions so far? 

“Pebbles and Bam Bam,” she said, referring to the children on The Flinstones.

People interested in suggesting a name can visit or CRC’s Facebook page

The Sponsors:

CRC said the following entities and people donated $5,000 each toward the purchase of a new refrigerated truck:

Warren Cobb

Chin’s Schezwan Cuisine

Del Mar Solana Beach Rotary Club

Encinitas Ford

Ella and Han Helders

John and Elizabeth Leonard

Robert and Janice Pollock

Anne Daigle and Richard Heyman