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Community garden coming to Encinitas?

Months in the planning
The Flower Capital may soon have a community garden where poinsettias once bloomed. After a year of searching, the city’s Community Garden Committee, headed by Gordon Smith, has reached an agreement with Encinitas Union School District to use a five-acre parcel on the district’s Quail Garden Drive property. It will have first dibs on fruits and vegetables harvested there. Great for the kids. Home Town Farms has a piece of the action. Congrats to all concerned.
Red light turn fines
State electeds are looking at the stiff fines being imposed on folks who don’t make a complete stop when turning right against red light cameras and getting their pictures taken. Some cities see these fines as a good source of revenue even though they share it with the camera owners. Motorists who have been pinched say it’s about time to investigate. George Hejduk of Cardiff has criticized the fine at council meetings.
Not the best time
Fundraiser by Cal State San Marcos izzn’t the best time to launch a project but folks who are expected to look into the future believe the best time to plan tomorrow’s quality education is today. Can’t dispute that. Give your financial support.
Recycling center
Quietly and without fanfare or advance notice the recycling station on Jimmy Durante Boulevard adjacent to the bridge was closed. It had collected material for decades with the blessing of the Surfside City, which prides itself in boosting recycling. Sign now advises stuff can be taken to C’bad, a 28-mile round trip.
Outdoor flick night
Family outdoor movie nite launched Sept. 25 at Shores Park on 9th Street in the Surfside City is a great idea. First screening was “180 South,” about ocean sports and climbing.
Ethics & council electeds
Flower Capital mayor sez “he didn’t know” that two of his actions were possible ethics violations. Attendance by all electeds to a mandatory ethics class maybe would have avoided the pickle he may be in now.
Sack time
There appear to be fewer car ads but a deluge of mattress sales. With everyday low prices on these items it should encourage folks to spend more time in the sack and less on I-5 creating more pollution and contributing to the high price of petrol.
Cash for trash
Folks wanna know if there’s no money in trash why Waste Management has offered to pay (yes, pay) the city of O’side a franchise to pick up residents’ trash and rubbish for more than $1 mil. every year plus a one-time $1 mil. provided the agreement is for 13 years? The company has been the rubbish hauler for a coppla decades and provides the service from containers to heavy duty trucks.
Beautifying public works yard
Rachelle Collier sez volunteers are being recruited for a community tree planting day Oct. 23 at the Flower Capital’s new public works yard from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Public Works is planning to plant 25 trees in celebration of Arbor Day. More skinny on the event by calling (760) 633-2840.
Deserved selection
Craig Fravel, Del Mar Thoroughbred Club’s prexy and general manager, has been elected to the prestigious Jockey Club based in New York City and Lexington, Ky. Also on the board is Joe Harper, Del Mar CEO. Jockey Club was founded in 1894 and its principal mission is the improvement of Thoroughbred breeding and racing. Fravel joined the Surfside track in 1990.
Miramar Memorial Park
Burials will begin in February adjacent to Miramar Marine Corps Station and will provide the first burials in the county at a veterans park since Fort Rosecrans was closed in the 1960s. A memorial park in San Bernardino County has been used as an alternate.
School construction contrast
Rancho Santa Fe debuted its R. Roger Rowe school recently. It is equipped with a state-of-the-art media center. The works. Plus beautification of the campus and what remained of the former building. The cost? In the neighborhood of $40 million. Contrast that to the new Robert F. Kennedy Community School in L.A. with an anticipated 4,200 students from K to eighth grade at a cost of $578 million. It’s located on the former Ambassador Hotel site where Sen. Kennedy was assassinated.
Del Mar Union School District had to do some shuffling when 240 more students showed up on the first day of school … The gavel will fall Tuesday, Sept. 29 on the sale of a choice Balboa Avenue parcel in the Surfside City provided the bid will cover the remaining balance on the Shores parcel in the neighborhood of $3.5 million … Tony Michel is the new Rancho Santa Fe Fire District chief filling the spot held by Nick Pavone, who retired … Solbeach is in the process of writing a landscape ordinance to comply with state law that mandates water efficient landscaping … Carol Childs, whose mom Wanett was a great community booster, has been seated as prexy of Solbeach Civic & Historical Society … Del Mar Rotary Club has scheduled its fun Chile & Quackers Challenge on Oct. 9.
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