Kirk Effinger

Kirk Effinger: Because I said so

“Because I said so.” I think it’s safe to say nearly everyone has heard, and possibly used, this common parental pronouncement when asked to explain an action or request.

Kirk Effinger: The growth and water conundrum

Webster’s Dictionary defines a conundrum as “a confusing and difficult problem or question.” In this era of prolonged drought it is an apt word to describe our collective approach to water policy and, on a broader scale, growth.

Kirk Effinger: Vista Village Business Association needs a merger

In an era where chambers of commerce and other business organizations continue to struggle to stay afloat, the latest news regarding the Vista Village Business Association (VVBA) begs the question, “Why put off the inevitable?”

Kirk Effinger: Escondido charter coming back to life?

Certain people in Escondido who have an almost pathological hatred of Mayor Sam Abed and those members of the city council who make up the majority on it — Ed Gallo, John Masson, and Mike Morasco — are sounding the alarm over what they perceive to be nascent attempts to resurrect a charter effort once […]

Kirk Effinger: With friends like these…

I think it’s fairly safe to say that if a proposal to install a recreation facility in a public park, encouraging healthy youth activity a community would normally support it. Normally.