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Caltrans, SANDAG Build NCC Project lifts 55-mph speed limit from Lomas Santa Fe Drive to Poinsettia Lane on I-5

On Friday, September 30 Caltrans and SANDAG Build North Coast Corridor (NCC) highway construction crews will replace 55-MPH speed limit signs with 65-MPH speed limit signs and remove all work zone signage from Lomas Santa Fe Drive to Poinsettia Lane on northbound and southbound Interstate 5 (I-5). 

The replacement of the speed limit signs signifies the substantial completion of the Build NCC project within the stated limits. Build NCC crews will complete additional landscaping and maintenance work over the next few years and will follow safety regulations when conducting work on the side of the highway.

Nine miles of Carpool/HOV Lanes were opened to the public on March 22, 2022. Construction of four new miles of Carpool/HOV Lanes is ongoing in the City of Carlsbad from Palomar Airport Road to State Route 78 (SR 78).

The 55-MPH speed limit will remain in effect from Poinsettia Lane to SR 78 for the safety of all motorists and construction crews. These new Carpool/HOV Lanes are anticipated to be complete in summer 2023. 

To ensure safety for both motorists and the construction crews during this work, drivers are reminded to “Drive 55 on the 5” in the active construction zone and that traffic fines are doubled in construction zones.

To learn more and to sign up for project email updates, visit and text “BuildNCC” to (760) 454-0077 to sign up to receive construction text alerts.