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Cori Schumacher
Councilwoman Cori Schumacher has resigned from the Carlsbad City Council following a tumultuous year for the District 1 representative. Photo by Steve Puterski
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Schumacher resigns from Carlsbad City Council effective immediately

CARLSBAD — Councilwoman Cori Schumacher submitted her letter of resignation today, officially ending her time on the Carlsbad City Council, according to sources.

The city will release the next steps in the coming hours and Schumacher’s resignation is effective immediately. This is the second resignation by a District 1 councilwoman in the past two years. If an appointment or special election is not scheduled, the vacancy will be filled after the general election in 2022.

According to a statement in Schumacher’s newsletter entitled, “Moving Forward,” she will be attending a university outside San Diego.

“It’s an opportunity I simply cannot refuse,” Schumacher wrote. “Unfortunately, this means that I am no longer able to continue in my role as your council member. And so, I have tendered my resignation to the city.”


The past year has proved difficult for Schumacher, who was facing a recall effort spearheaded by Republican radio host Carl DeMaio and Reform California prior to her resignation.

“I am pleased that Cori Schumacher’s resignation will give the citizens of Carlsbad a fresh start and a chance to put Schumacher’s misconduct behind them so they can once again focus on the important issues that matter,” DeMaio said in a press release.

Schumacher, a surfer and political activist, first joined the Carlsbad City Council in 2016 after defeating incumbent Lorraine Wood. In 2018, Schumacher, who lives in District 1, lost a mayoral bid against then two-term incumbent Mayor Matt Hall.

After Barbara Hamilton abruptly resigned in mid-October 2020, Schumacher won the vacant District 1 seat in a special election, defeating former Carlsbad Unified School District board trustee Tracy Carmichael and longtime Carlsbad resident, Simon Angel.

During her time at the dais, Schumacher helped establish the Clean Energy Alliance, a joint power agreement between the cities of Solana Beach, Del Mar and Carlsbad, and served as a board member since the partnership was established in 2019.

But things started to get rocky for the progressive lawmaker after she filed a temporary civil harassment restraining order on Sept. 10 against Carlsbad residents Anthony “Tony” Bona and Larry Posner, and former resident Noel Breen, alleging harassment, obsessive conduct and “veiled threats.”

In March, Judge Cynthia Freeland ruled in favor of the respondents, granting two anti-SLAPP motions against Schumacher, which ended a seven-month-long legal battle to determine whether political speech rose to the level of harassment.

The judge, who wrote in her ruling that Schumacher’s restraining order violated the residents’ “protected activity” under the First Amendment (which includes political speech on blogs and social media), ordered Schumacher to pay $47,191 in attorneys’ fees and courts costs.

Schumacher was also heavily criticized for bringing forth an ordinance on Jan. 5 to enhance enforcement against business owners operating in violation of state and county COVID-19 restrictions.

Angry and frustrated residents chided her for the move and protested outside of City Hall during the meeting. Schumacher’s motion did not receive a second and died.

Cori Schumacher
Councilwoman Cori Schumacher filed a temporary civil harassment order against two Carlsbad residents a former resident but a judge ruled in favor of the respondents and ordered her to pay legal fees. File photo

The following week, Schumacher lost two prominent board seats with the San Diego Association of Governments and Clean Energy Alliance after the Carlsbad City Council reorganized members for its regional and municipal committees.

Schumacher also received blowback on social media following a story about the resurfacing of a 30-year-old video that depicted images of former County GOP Chairman Tony Krvaric alongside photos of Adolf Hitler and swastikas.

In a tweet directed at Krvaric, Schumacher wrote: “It’s time for your brand of white nationalist, regressive traditionalist/authoritarian toxic & destructive politics and GTFO (Get The F— Out) of North County” and to “take the 5 NC (North County) mayors and take Sup. Jim Desmond with you.”

This is a developing story.


recallcorischumacher July 11, 2021 at 2:55 pm

Cori Who?

TrumpWon July 9, 2021 at 1:21 pm

Wow, she is such a liar – and what a sore-loser too! Pretending like her resignation is for a personal change-of-focus. Everyone knows that the community has rejected her and her hateful, lying ways and abuse of the citizens. She belongs in prison, by the way. So far it doesn’t look like the plaintiffs have pursued any federal civil rights claims against her, but she surely is guilty of violating the civil rights of others , or causing them – through her policies and false statements, to be violated.

I hope people have learned their lesson from this unpleasant episode – don’t indulge demented “activists” particularly those who are militant about their lifestyle – which center around wilful deviations from, and defiantly reject, basic behavioral norms. If they can so easily reject the most personal norms of conduct, why in the world would you trust in their ability to evaluate and uphold the communal, collective norms that underpin and define American society at large? Is anyone surprised such a person would embark on a totalitarian unAmerican quest to stifle the rights of others? It doesn’t surprise me at all. I expect that sort of thing.

What I have learned from watching many leftist politicians, and leftists in general , is that weirdos do not represent anyone except other weirdos. In fact, they are incapable of fidelity in this task because they do not agree with what “norms” actually are. That’s what makes a weirdo a weirdo in the first place! Pretty much the definition. But, the lesson is that Normal people need to reject them and shun them. Do NOT normalize their conduct OR their ideology.

Instead, only vote for people who demonstrate good character and conduct and not this activist aggression and mental instability.

Carlsbad voters goofed big time by electing her and it took a functional court to pull your irons out of the fire which is a matter of random chance and luck in this state. But it could have all gone wrong – she was initially successful in hijacking the courts and the law to harass and strip law-abiding citizens of their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, free speech, and free movement about the community, all based on lies that she submitted on an application. That injustice has been corrected, but she hasn’t been punished for it, yet. And if the case had gone to a different court headed by an activist liberal judge, it could have stood. That would be a disgrace, but it could have happened that way.

Do you see the peril your reckless choices put others (and yourselves) in? That could have been any of us. Could be You.

So, do NOT do that again. Don’t think you’re being cool or “edgy” or “tolerant” – in other words, don’t “virtue signal”. Nobody admires that, by the way. When you vote for people based primarily on their gender or race or sexual oddities, others don’t admire that – they mostly think you’re really dumb and/or brainwashed.

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