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S’more and Graham Cracker are Siamese kitten siblings who rely on each other after S’more’s eyes were left permanently damaged. Photo courtesy of the Helen Woodward Animal Center.
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Blind Siamese kitten relies on his sister for guidance

RANCHO SANTA FE — Helen Woodward Animal Center is currently home to two Siamese kitten siblings who rely on one another in a unique way.

The Siamese kitten duo arrived at Helen Woodward Animal Center in December via transport from a rescue partner just outside of Los Angeles. Untreated corneal ulcerations had left heavy scarring and clouding on the eyes of the male kitten, S’more, who now leans on his tiny sister, Graham Cracker, for guidance, confidence and friendship.

Unmanaged conjunctivitis and corneal ulcerations can be associated with feline herpesvirus 1. For S’more, the result was major scarring and loss of vision.

Despite his condition, S’more seemed oddly at peace when he arrived at the center. The answer behind his behavior was his little sister, who had made the first move toward the hands of vet techs, assuring him that all was well.

“Cats are normally terrified simply from being transported such a long distance, never mind having to do so with the limited vision S’more is dealing with,” said Helen Woodward Animal Health Supervisor Breanne Sneddon. “You can tell that the connection between them is one born out of love and need.”

S’more and Graham Cracker are available for adoption as a bonded pair.

“Their names definitely suit them,” Sneddon said. “They are sweet as can be and have definitely come through a lot together in their short lives.”

Potential adopters should plan on taking simple steps to make sure that S’more is secure in his new home, such as setting up a stationary area that he can quickly adapt to and making efforts not to move furniture or other household items into his regular pathways. No other treatment for his eyes will be required.

To adopt S’more and Graham Cracker or for more information on Helen Woodward Animal Center, visit, call 858-756-4117 or stop by at 6461 El Apajo Road in Rancho Santa Fe.

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