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Tracy Hemstree plans to open Surfside Tap Room in downtown Oceanside this October. The beer tasting room will have 20 local craft beers on tap. Photo by Promise Yee
Tracy Hemstree plans to open Surfside Tap Room in downtown Oceanside this October. The beer tasting room will have 20 local craft beers on tap. Photo by Promise Yee

Beer tasting room to open in Oceanside in October

OCEANSIDE — Surfside Tap Room will open in downtown Oceanside this October. 

The tasting room will offer beer tasting, beer to go, and merchandise from local microbreweries.

Owner Tracy Hemstree said he plans to have 20 local craft beers on tap.

Oceanside microbrewery beers will be the first beers featured. Hemstree said he would gradually add additional North County beers and eventually San Diego beers.

“I really want to focus on the craft beer industry in North County,” Hemstree said. “People can stop in, get a taste of the local market and have the option to take bottled beer home with them.”

Hemstree said he would like Surfside Tap Room to be people’s first stop when they come to North County. The tasting room will allow patrons to sample local beers and take home their favorite brew by the keg, bottle and growler.

Hemstree is an Oceanside resident and software test manager. He became interested in local beers while helping out his longtime friend and co-owner of Oceanside Ale Works Scott Thomas.

Hemstree thought it would be great for people to have a shop where they could taste and purchase local microbrew beers. Initially he considered obtaining a duplicate license of Oceanside Ale Works and exclusively carrying that brand of beer.

“I built relationships with the guys over there by helping Scott work the brewery,” Hemstree said.

As his business plan moved forward he decided to obtain his own ABC license and offer a greater variety of microbrew beers.

Hemstree will also serve prepackaged snacks and allow customers to order in food from local restaurants.

The tasting room and retail store is set to open at 507 N. Coast Highway 101. The historic building was originally a car dealership in 1952, and most recently as a flower shop.

Hemstree plans to highlight the character of 1950s building with a new coat of paint, and finishes and signage that reflect the building’s era.

“The goal is to keep the outside as original as we can,” he said.

Two roll up doors will be installed and improvements will be made to the parking lot and landscaping. Inside, two restrooms, serving counters and an office will be added. Improvements are expected to be completed in 30 days.

“They’ll be new walls and lights, roll up garage doors to lighten it up, making it friendly,” Hemstree said. “A place where the ocean breeze comes in and you can hang out and meet friends.”

Hemstree received City Council approval to open his business on Sept. 4. Council members complimented him on the building design and his business plan.

“It sounds like an exciting thing, enjoying beer and having food nearby,” Councilwoman Esther Sanchez said.

Next steps for Hemstree will be to get planning commission and ABC approval.

“It will be good to go in 60 to 90 days,” Hemstree said.

The Surfside Tap Room will be open daily at 11 a.m. and close at 9 p.m. Sunday through Wednesday, 10 p.m. on Thursday and 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday.


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Guest November 27, 2013 at 3:00 pm

This sounds exactly like what the Tap That Tap Room has been doing in Oceanside for nearly a year now… They also have 20 local only craft beers on tap, and have offered keg and bottle sales for over a year.

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