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Claire Oksayan, a San Elijo resident, is bringing coffee drinkers their caffeine fix with her Rush Coffee Truck, which will launch this month in North County. Courtesy photo
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Beat the coffee rush with new Rush Coffee truck

REGION — Getting a quick cup of coffee can be tough for most due to long lines at coffee shops. This inspired San Elijo resident Claire Oksayan to create a coffee truck to be quick, friendly and delicious for customers.

Oksayan, originally from Oregon, has been living in San Diego since 1998. Her first job was a drive through coffee shop called Cappuccino Cottage, now called Jungle Java located on Encinitas Boulevard. Oksayan loved this job due to the challenge of making coffee quick enough for customers.

“In the drive thru I would see their car pull up and I would see if I could make their drink before they got to the window,” Oksayan said. “I am a dancer by nature and for me it is choreography. How quickly can I (make coffee) and do other things at the same time.”

Oksayan has always had a passion for coffee but hated waiting in long lines at coffee shops.

“If somebody is in a hurry, they are going to get more and more irritated the longer they are waiting. So what’s the point of making them wait? I can get your order, make your coffee and ring you up all at the same time so you are in and out in 45 seconds to a minute. That’s my goal,” said Oksayan.

The Rush Coffee Truck’s menu will include typical coffee shop drinks, fruit smoothies, pastries, oatmeal cups and grab and go snacks. All of the coffee drinks can be iced or blended. The coffee beans are locally roasted from a company out of Oceanside called San Diego Coffee Company. As well as the pastries will be locally made from S & S Bakery located in San Diego.

She’ll be hitting the streets officially March 18, focusing on San Elijo untill she goes full time around September. The goal is San Elijo, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Elfin Forrest and Harmony Grove. Once the business goes full time, Oksayan wants to be in San Elijo for school drop off every morning.

“I think it will be very welcoming to the community. I hope it will eliminate any stress in the morning. I want to be something that can be a quick grab and go. I imagine the middle school kids walking to school, if they haven’t had anything they can stop and grab a pastry,” said Oksayan.

Though food trucks have become a popular way of business, there are only five coffee food trucks in San Diego according to Roaming Hunger.

“The fact that it is mobile makes it unique. It is so nice because we can take it place, we can take it to events such as the Vista Vintage Market and street fairs,” said Oksayan. “I think what will make it different is there are a lot of great coffee shops out there but they get so incredibly packed, especially on Saturdays. They can’t move around, so I’m hoping this becomes a local staple.

The Rush Coffee’s will have a grand opening in San Elijo March 18, while Carlsbad will have a grand opening at a date still to be determined. Interested coffee lovers can follow The Rush Coffee on Twitter and Facebook for grand opening details for each city.