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Ballots mailed to Covenant members

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe Association mailed off its ballots, which contain two items, to Covenant residents on May 11. The first pertains to the proposed bylaw changes, while the other references filling two vacant seats on the Association’s board.

The Association mailed the ballots the same day it held its annual meeting at the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club. Residents had the opportunity to hear Association updates and meet the candidates wanting a board seat at the gathering.

According to RSF Association Assistant Manager Christy Whalen, the proposed bylaw changes will require a “yes or no” vote.

The two individuals running for the board of directors election are Rick Sapp and Stephen Dunn. Already serving the board, Sapp was appointed following Ann Boon’s resignation in July 2016. The term Sapp took on last year had nearly a year left. Now, Sapp is officially running to serve a three-year term.

Regarding the bylaws, Whalen said Association members would receive a full set of the changes indicated in red. Members can review the changes and submit their vote.

“It’s critical that members return their ballots for this election,” Whalen said. “We have a fairly substantial quorum requirement in that we have to receive ballots from nearly 600 households in order for the election to be valid. If the election is not valid, that means we would be facing the tremendous expense, time delay and hassle of having to hold a whole other election with a whole other set of materials being mailed to members.”

Whalen noted that one of the bylaw amendments would lower the current quorum number.

The deadline for ballot return is June 12. However, Whalen said that the Association is asking members to return their ballots as soon as possible so they can gauge the numbers and assess how close they are to achieving the needed quorum.

“Votes will be counted at a future special board meeting,” she said.

For Covenant members who have not yet received their ballots, Whalen asks that they contact the Association.

During the monthly May RSF Association meeting, Bruce Bishop was approved to serve as the election inspector once again.

Whalen reiterated how important it is for members to take part in this year’s election.

“Regardless of whether members are voting yes or no for the bylaw amendments or however they vote for the directors, it’s important that they just vote, period,” Whalen said. “It’s critical that we receive a quorum and it’s everyone’s responsibility to return the ballots that they receive.”