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Sometimes, it is about the money

When I started this series, we carefully selected the title, “It is not about the money” so we didn’t look like one more supposed investment guru giving this week’s hot tip. Our wealth advisory practice is built on helping clients live their dream lives. In doing so, acquiring and managing money (assets) is just part […]

Stimulus — or is it?

Ultimately, the government spent $6.3 trillion. Highways were built and repaired in all parts of the nation. Schools, hospitals and museums were built, and even the “bridge to nowhere” was completed for $70 million. As the government amassed the largest public debt in the world (180 percent of GDP), taxpayers were reminded that these programs […]

Merrill, Madoff, money

Bernie Madoff made off with $50 billion. From the rich and famous to charities and widows, Madoff (pronounced Made-off) took money from believers and gave it to himself. It is likely that he never made a single trade under his scheme that was supposed to provide better than average returns without ever losing money. It […]

Don’t get trapped by the world of business

A recent survey suggests that 50 percent of business owners over age 50 will exit their businesses within the next five to 10 years. Mostly baby boomers, these owners have achieved their dreams. Independence, freedom and wealth are just a few of the benefits they have realized from business ownership. At the same time, they […]

Charities aren’t the only option for giving

Father Joe Carroll recently wrote that more people should give directly to charities rather than using community foundations to do their charitable giving for them. Father Joe was upset with the high fees and loss of control that go along with many of the “charities for other charities.” Our experience has shown that many of […]

Charity comes in all shapes and sizes

For most of us, charity ranges from a few dollars in the Salvation Army’s pot to a gift of appreciated stock to establish an endowment or add a hospital wing. For some, it is much more personal. For Tyler and Connie Youngkin, charity is a life commitment. When their children completed college, the Youngkins decided […]

Year’s end a time for planning

“The $10 Trillion Bubble” published last year proposed that the world’s economic values, not just real estate, had escalated to unsustainable levels and a correction was unavoidable. The correction to come would wipe out $10 trillion of paper wealth. I agreed, however, as dramatic as those projections looked in January they were wrong. Losses in […]

Who cares — about you?

AmEx (American Express) and Detroit carmakers are knocking at Washington’s door for handouts. Too bad it’s not Halloween, so I could make an analogy to “trick or treat” and spooky things happening in the neighborhood. The only ones not benefiting from this mess are the honest soles that paid their mortgages, invested in America, and […]

It’s Not About The Money

Politicians are busy pointing fingers at the greed of “Wall Street” causing the pain on “Main Street.” The same players that were intimately involved in fostering the environment that resulted in this credit crisis are now posturing as our saviors as they give away billions of taxpayer dollars. In 1977, Congress passed and President Carter […]