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State high school exit exam has its redeeming qualities

As a high school senior, I am pretty well-versed in the usual complaints people have about the California High School Exit Exam, or CAHSEE. Taxpayers hate it because they have to pay for a test that is criticized for being too easy, and therefore superfluous. Students like it because it is basically an institutionalized four-and-a-half-hour […]

‘X’ marks the spot

The other day a friend of mine called me. We had just gotten hiking boots for a class trip to Yosemite our Environmental Science teacher had arranged, and she wanted to go hiking to break them in. I glanced outside — it was a beautiful day and I couldn’t think of a better excuse to […]

Guest Op/Ed

If everyone bothers to show up to any given AP Government class, I find myself sitting face to face with my teacher’s ankles, cross-legged on the floor. Packed in like sardines, I try not to concentrate on the tangible humidity that hangs in the air from so many sweaty palms, but instead let my mind […]