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Inside Oceanside: City has seen its fair share of sharks over the years

The moment you “Jump the Shark” is when you pull a mistake so drastic that your project takes a noticeable turn for the worse.

Inside Oceanside: Giving thanks to those who protect us

As we make an inventory of the things we are thankful for, it would be very easy for those of us who live in Oceanside to overlook something we absolutely must not take for granted.

Inside Oceanside: Reinforcing Oceanside’s buildings

Oceanside became a city 125 years ago. It’s no surprise then that there are some classic old buildings in the downtown “Townsite” area.

Inside Oceanside: Walmart is here, yet again

Those who support the arrival of Oceanside’s fourth Walmart at the corner of Mission Avenue and Horne Street point out how wonderful it will be that all the locals who live in the downtown “Townsite” area will finally have access to fresh fruits and vegetables this Walmart grocery outlet will provide.

Inside Oceanside: Around town and more

A South Oceanside bar with a colorful past has just closed down and a new owner is about to breathe new life into the place with a new staff, new name and a remodel.

Inside Oceanside: Climbing to the top

A cross fit gym is dedicated to the idea that there is more to working out than just lifting weights and becoming strong.

Inside Oceanside: Good news in development

While many locals still find it hard to believe our sweet seaside hometown is getting zapped with its fourth Walmart, we do have some good news to share on the retail front.

Inside Oceanside: Restaurants abound

It looks like the historic restaurant with the breathtaking view of the harbor and the ocean will not be torn down after all.

Inside Oceanside: A familiar face back in Oceanside?

“Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.”

Inside Oceanside: Putting up a good fight

The Vista Community Clinic is a full service medical provider with two outlets in Vista and three in Oceanside.