Jim Wood

Budget workshop steps out of the box

OCEANSIDE — City Council took a different approach to this year’s budget workshop.

Budget forecast shows some good news in Oceanside

OCEANSIDE — A budget forecast shared at the City Council meeting on Wednesday, included the good news that the city’s general fund is projected to see a $4.2 million increase due to higher property tax, sales tax, and other increased revenues.

Cities agree on a joint marketing campaign to attract businesses to North County

REGION — Cities along state Route 78 have agreed to collaborate in a joint marketing campaign to attract businesses nationwide to North County.

Councilmen send open letter to businesses, mayor follows up with apology to city

OCEANSIDE — Councilmen Jerry Kern and Gary Felien sent an open letter to San Diego businesses on Jan. 14 urging them to consider relocating to Oceanside and emphasizing that Oceanside does not have a commercial linkage fee.

MOU reached between city, OPD management

City still at impasse with OPD officers

Search is on for new chief of police in Oceanside

OCEANSIDE — City Manager Steve Jepsen began the search for a new police chief Dec. 16.

Council gives formal farewell to Peter Weiss

OCEANSIDE — City Council and staff said a formal farewell to City Manager Peter Weiss at the Nov. 6 City Council meeting.

Fourth Walmart to open in Oceanside

Fourth Walmart to open in Oceanside

OCEANSIDE — The fourth Walmart is set to open in Oceanside after the first of the year.

A split vote rehires Jepsen as city manager

OCEANSIDE — City Council members dug in their heels and stuck with their previously stated views regarding rehiring Steven Jepsen as city manager on Oct. 16. City Council voted 3-2 to hire Jepsen, with Mayor Jim Wood and Councilwoman Esther Sanchez casting no votes.

Ambulance brownout still on hold, but discussion brings options

OCEANSIDE — City Council did not take action to brownout an ambulance in order to balance the Fire Department budget at Wednesday’s meeting.