Inside Oceanside

Inside Oceanside: One step forward, two steps back

It’s time to do-si-do and do that good old Oceanside square dance where you put one step in and one step out: let’s move ahead while we also slip back.

Inside Oceanside: Make your voice heard

Would you believe it if I told you that we have a world famous rock star buried in Oceanside?

Inside Oceanside: Make your voice heard

If you ever felt guilty about not participating in your own city government, please let me humbly suggest that this Tuesday you can make up for all those missed city council meetings by showing up at the South Oceanside Elementary auditorium.

Inside Oceanside: Sharing a laugh or two

Oceanside and greater North County has gone for years without a live comedy venue.

Inside Oceansie: Our share of the civic punch bowl

OK, so we know civic employees can do bad things.

Inside Oceanside: Proceeding with a matter of trust

The city manager runs our city. While it is the elected city council that sets the policy, it’s their handpicked leader who carries out their policies and is supposed to do what’s best for his city.

Inside Oceanside: What to look for in 2014

Instead of predictions, please let me offer up some wishes for the new year.

Inside Oceanside: An accent known too well

If Oceanside ever had its own Walter Cronkite, that person would surely be Al Diedrich, the local news director for Oceanside radio station KUDE (AM 1320) in the ‘60s and ‘70s.

Inside Oceanside: The unanswered question

“In my 31 years at Vista High, I remember we had one suicide,” says Doug Knox, a now retired high school counselor about the time a student hung himself.

Inside Oceanside: Search for a new chief begins

It’s time for a new chief. Oceanside Police Chief Frank McCoy, the top cop who has overseen our force of 200 sworn officers since 2006, will step down as soon as his replacement can be named.