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Best walking shoes and coffee

By the Editors of Consumer Reports Archeologists working in Armenia recently said they had discovered what might be one of the world’s oldest shoes. That shoe, estimated to be 5,500 years old, shares many features with today’s walking shoes: a leather outer, laces and cushioning, according to news reports. More modern technologies and materials were […]

Outlet shopping secrets

Even if you’re usually a really smart shopper, it’s easy to go overboard at the outlet mall. There are so many stores, so many temptations, and everything is a great deal — right? To find out when it really pays to shop the outlets, ShopSmart, the shopping magazine published by Consumer Reports, had its secret […]

Cool new products make life easier

It’s not always easy to part with your trusty old computer or fridge. Sometimes you have to make the tough choice between getting it repaired and replacing it, notes ShopSmart, the shopping magazine published by Consumer Reports. ShopSmart’s general advice: Don’t fix it if the repair would cost at least half as much as a […]

Simple rules for a successful kitchen remodeling job

Think enjoyment, not resale value, say the editors of Consumer Reports. Kitchen remodeling today is all about what you need, rather than some over-the-top designer’s checklist that makes slabs of fine Italian marble, a butler’s pantry and gargantuan appliances seem as necessary as a refrigerator and range. Consumer Reports calls it the return of the […]

Cream of the icy summer treats

There’s nothing better than indulging in a bowl of ice cream on a hot summer day. And while exotic choices such as Ben & Jerry’s Boston Cream Pie and Blue Bunny Birthday Party might turn heads, vanilla and chocolate are still the nation’s favorite ice cream flavors. Consumer Reports’ trained testers recently tried 13 vanillas […]

Kindle burns through other e-readers

Amazon’s Kindle e-readers are still the best choice for most consumers, despite improved performance from rival Barnes & Noble’s Nook e-reader and the arrival of Apple’s iPad tablet computer, which offers e-reader capability. In Consumer Reports’ comprehensive tests, the Amazon Kindle, $260, and its super-sized sibling, the Kindle DX, $490, had crisper, more readable type […]

Best bets to help combat summer humidity

If this spring’s record rainfalls didn’t get you thinking about a dehumidifier, the dog days of summer should. Soaking, sultry weather has driven dehumidifier sales up when the appliance industry as a whole is down 25 percent from its housing-boom highs, according to Consumer Reports. Increased demand comes as tougher environmental regulations are forcing manufacturers […]

Redesigned SUVs rev up competition with improvements

By Consumer Reports The redesigned Kia Sorento EX V6 now ranks among the better SUVs Consumer Reports has tested. The EX V6 model outscored all other vehicles in CR’s recent tests and now ranks third among small and midsized SUVs, behind only the Subaru Forester 2.5XT and the Toyota RAV4 V6, in CR’s Ratings. In […]

Low-rolling resistance tires prove good value

By Consumer Reports Consumer Reports’ recent tests of a new generation of fuel-efficient tires found that they not only save gas but are also good all-around performers. Two models it looked at — the Michelin Energy Saver A/S and the Cooper GFE — have low rolling resistance, a quality that can help a car get […]

Acura MDX best in luxury SUV tests

The freshened Acura MDX was Consumer Reports’ top scorer in its tests of luxury SUVs. With an improved powertrain that now yields better acceleration and fuel economy, this very well-rounded vehicle is now CR’s top-rated three-row luxury SUV. The Acura MDX earned an “excellent” overall road-test score of 85, outperforming the Land Rover LR4, which […]