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Rating toasters and toaster ovens

You’d think that after more than 80 years on the market, toasters would finally serve up perfect toast. While Consumer Reports still hasn’t found one that hits that culinary height, its latest tests yield several that come close for about the price of a good dinner. Haier’s $30 TST850DS, one of six CR Best Buys […]

Buying store brands can save big money

If concern about taste has kept you from trying store-brand foods, hesitate no more. In blind tests, Consumer Reports’ trained tasters compared a big national brand with a store brand in 29 food categories. Store and national brands tasted about equally good 19 times. Four times, the store brand won; six times, the national brand […]

How safe is that chicken?

You would think that after years of alarms about food safety — outbreaks of illness followed by renewed efforts at cleanup — a staple like chicken would be a lot safer to eat. But in Consumer Reports’ latest analysis of fresh, whole broilers bought at stores nationwide, two-thirds harbored salmonella and/or campylobacter, the leading bacterial […]

Tips for holiday wine shopping

By Consumer Reports When shopping for wines this holiday season, don’t automatically assume that a higher price means higher quality. Consumer Reports’ tests found that some higher-scoring wines have been among the least expensive. The wines CR tested have run the gamut of varietals, blends and vintages. Finding an excellent wine that’s also affordable — […]

Survey asks: ‘How much do you tip?’

Americans have become more choosy about whom and how much to tip at the holidays, according to a nationally representative phone survey conducted by the Consumer Reports National Research Center. How much to tip and whom to give it to has always been a tricky decision, one that may get harder in these tough economic […]

Coffee makers can be cheap

By Consumer Reports As more and more consumers look for ways to save money, many may be trading their beloved drive-thru coffee for java made at home. Coffee-lovers take heart: Great coffee can be made at home at a fraction of the cost, according to Consumer Reports’ latest tests. All of the 10 recommended 8- […]

Best electronics for the holiday shopping season

No matter what electronic gadget consumers are looking for this holiday season, they’ll find quality products at unusually low prices as retailers and manufacturers try to entice purchasing in this tough economy. Consumer Reports rated 448 electronics products including LCD and plasma TVs, Blu-ray players, laptops and desktop computers, point-and-shoot cameras, new music players and […]

New Prius remains most fuel-efficient

By the Editors of Consumer Reports The redesigned Toyota Prius remains the most fuel-efficient car consumers can buy at 44 mpg overall, according to Consumer Reports’ latest tests. The Prius has been CR’s Top Pick for Green Car in the Annual Auto Issue for the past six years, and the redesigned model recently received a […]

Michelin runs over tired competition

Michelin tires took the top spots in all categories in Consumer Reports’ latest tests by providing a good overall balance of traction, ride comfort and tread life. They ranked best of the largest group CR has ever tested — 69 models. That includes all-season tires with S, T, H and V speed ratings as well […]

Rating GPS navigators and plasma televisions

Price wars among GPS makers are raging, so now even budget-conscious buyers can enjoy features that go beyond the usual navigation functions. The low-priced TomTom One 140, $140, for example, can provide optional traffic information, guide you to the best lane at major intersections, and factor in historic traffic patterns for the time of day […]