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Community participation

Have you been shopping lately? Or maybe you’ve been protesting. ‘Tis the season! While I’m celebrating my freedom to shop and protest, I want to thank The Coast News for running this, my 10th editorial since 2009, when I began offering my musings on some of our societal addictions, like single-use plastic. We are fortunate […]

Consumerism and waste

Did you see the excellent documentary film on Colony Collapse screened last summer in the courtyard outside Whole Foods in Encinitas? Much thanks to DEMA. It was about the on-going demise of honey bees, due most likely to pesticides as acres and acres and acres of genetically-modified corn crops are systematically and thoroughly sprayed, then […]

COMMUNITY COMMENTARY: Plastics aren’t as convenient as they seem to be

Are you living in Plastic-ville? It’s not just out there in the ocean somewhere; it’s coming from every shore, every household and every consumer. You can stick your head in the sand, but unfortunately that sand is full of plastic. Algalita Marine Research Foundation’s Charlie Moore calls it a “cultural exchange program,” referring to the […]

COMMUNITY COMMENTARY: Rethinking recycling

I have my doubts about recycling. If we’re all cigarette smokers with this great idea to collect the millions of butts and remake them into some useful product, aren’t we still addicted to nicotine, killing ourselves and others by smoking? Not to mention that this new product may not be so wonderful. When we throw […]

COMMUNITY COMMENTARY: Unsolicited papers cluttering up my life

I don’t particularly enjoy the smell or feel of newsprint. Neither do I like the piles and piles of papers that accumulate, mostly with ads and information that are of no particular interest to me, often without ever being opened. I especially don’t like it when the “New U-T” dumps unsolicited volumes of coupons wrapped […]

COMMUNITY COMMENTARY: The scoop on the poop

Sadly, AB 1998 failed to pass the California State Senate. Among the objectors to the Bag Ban are pet owners who rely on plastic bags for pooper-scooping. If I love my pet, why would I object to picking up behind it with paper instead of plastic? A piece of junk mail that would otherwise go […]

COMMUNITY COMMENTARY: In memory of Bob Nanninga

In case you hadn’t noticed, I hate single-use plastic. You might say it’s been my ‘PET’ peeve for the past decade. While there is growing concern in the public arena over plastic and Styrofoam, yes, petrochemicals, many people are still confused about or even unaware of their addiction to the bags and bottles that are […]