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Observations from the Edge

The election of Sen. Barack Obama is a milestone in American history, and by no means do I want to detract from this momentous occasion. That a biracial man ascended to the pinnacle of American politics is indeed epic. That it happened in my lifetime, completely unexpected. Wow. Environmentally speaking, an Obama administration is highly […]

Observations from the Edge

Now that the 2008 campaign season is over, races have been run, mud slung and votes counted, perhaps “we the people” can be the change we were looking for at the end of a ballot. I suggest we begin by changing the way politics are played and how elections are conducted. Having just campaigned for […]

Observations from the Edge

As an opinion editorialist, my job description includes commenting on current events as they relate to the residents of San Diego County. As an environmental journalist, I tend to focus on ecological stewardship issues. During elections I focus on “Green” politics. This Nov. 4 will be no different. Historic by any measure, this election will […]

Observations from the Edge

There is an issue on the November ballot that shouldn’t be there, having been decided by a vote of the people on June 2, 2008. Failing to achieve a two-thirds majority, Proposition G is back as Proposition K, and once again the wisdom of artificial sand replenishment and the need for ecological restoration is being […]

Community members are all in this together

I was raised to believe historic preservation is a form of cultural preservation. Reminders from the past become teachers of sorts, offering lessons of where we came from and how we lived. I also believe historic preservation is a form of environmental conservation. My parents, lifelong readers, taught me to look for lessons in the […]

Gov deserves kudos for taking care of planet

Say what you will about Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, I have, but the Governator has just scored serious “green” points with the signing of California State Bill 375. Endorsed by the California League of Conservation Voters, Sierra Club California, Natural Resources Defense Council, Defenders of Wildlife, Environment California and the Transportation and Land Use Coalition, this […]

Bankers, bureaucrats and bailouts … oh my!

I don’t know about you folks, but all this sturm and drang over the Wall Street bailout has me questioning the viability of the U.S. federal government now that it has abandoned any pretense of responsibility, accountability or respectability. Government is a shell game — big government even more so. We have all heard the […]

Coming full circle on a wide sandy beach

This year I participated in the 24th annual California Coastal Cleanup at Swami’s, along with hundreds of other environmental stewards who recognize the economic and environmental importance of keeping our beaches and coastal habitats as litter-free as humanly possible. A highlight of the California Coastal Commission’s Adopt-A-Beach program, Coastal Cleanup efforts take place every year […]

Water conservation is no longer an option

California has always been a study in never having enough water. Southern California even more so. With a population of more than 38 million Californians living on the edge of disaster, now is the time for residents to reconsider their water usage and their commitment to environmental sustainability. To delay any longer is reckless. On […]