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Darrell E. Issa, our new Congressman

Under the new redistricting for the House of Representatives, the cities of Carlsbad and Encinitas will have a new incumbent for the next election. The last thing that Issa wanted was to have his new constituents introduced to him by a critical article in the left leaning New York Times. If you know that a […]

COMMUNITY COMMENTARY: Rethinking California’s philosophy on criminals

After more than a decade of litigation, the Supreme Court of the United States issued a ruling last month, Brown v. Plata, that mandates improved living conditions in California prisons, including a decrease of 33,000 inmates to reduce overcrowding. The merits of this decision are for another discussion. For better or for worse, we now […]

COMMUNITY COMMENTARY: Olivenhain emergency response issue

When I first heard about the angry group of residents who descended on the Encinitas City Council a couple weeks ago demanding response times equal to the rest of the city, my reaction was less than sympathetic. My wife and I used to have a country home a hundred miles north of New York City, […]

COMMUNITY COMMENTARY: Traffic scofflaws rejoice

Yes, I’m talking to you — those who probably this very day were guilty of an infraction of the California Code that requires coming to a full stop at every stop sign, even those four-way signs where the cross street gets a car or a pedestrian every few minutes at most. You may have slowed […]