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Association OKs two new ad hoc committees

RANCHO SANTA FE — Marketing and the environment were on the minds of the Association board members when they approved two new ad hoc committees at their Feb. 2 meeting. Both of the committees will remain until a standing committee can be formed or for one year, whichever is sooner.First the marketing committee was considered by the board.

Pete Smith, Association manager, told the board that each year the Association establishes goals and priorities and that this year, No. 3 on the list was to explore ways to promote the community both to existing members and to prospective property buyers.

“As with all communities in the country, Rancho Santa Fe is feeling the negative effects of the downturn in the real estate market,” he said.

“Fortunately, due to the desirability of Rancho Santa Fe, the overall impact is not as severe as most of the country, but to some extent the economy does impact every member.”

He said to help support real estate values, which in turn has a positive impact on all members, the board agreed it was in the best interest of the community to explore ways to promote itself.

“The plan would be to explore ways to promote the community and attract potential buyers and to enhance our level of service to our existing members through improved communication,” he said. “We want to put our best foot forward.”

The board unanimously approved formation of the ad hoc committee.

A total of members will not exceed seven and will include members of the golf club and the real estate community as well as members-at-large.

One of its first tasks is to work on a new and improved website for the Association, Smith said.

Rochelle Putnam was appointed to serve as president of the committee.

The other ad hoc committee approved was the Committee on the Natural Environment, an outgrowth of the Forest Health committee.

“This group will focus on the natural environment and will include forest health, landscape, use of water and other opportunities to improve the environment of the community,” said Director Anne Feighner, one of the founders of the committee along with director Ann Boone.

She said the some of the objectives will be to review and develop the current list of plants considered appropriate for the area’s natural environment.

The committee will develop a survey and map that identifies Covenant-owned properties and notes whether the plants growing there are appropriate examples of the natural environment envisioned for Rancho Santa Fe.
Feighner said she hopes in the near future, the committee can establish an extensive and ongoing educational campaign to help bring the goals of the committee to fruition throughout the community on both publicly- and privately-owned property.

The committee, which will have no more than seven members, will work with the golf club to identify and explore and secure alternative sources of water for the community.

After the board unanimously approved the ad hoc committee, Bill Beckman was appointed president.
“He’s very excited about this,” Feighner said.