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Aging Solo: Navigating independence with confidence

What is meant by the term “solo ager”? Usually, this refers to adults aged 55 and above who find themselves — whether by circumstance or by their own choice — without the traditional support of adult children or close family. 

For those anticipating aging without that safety net, the journey may seem daunting and isolating. Yet, “solo” doesn’t mean “alone”!

Growing old doesn’t mean a descent into helplessness. Embracing your later years with grace and assurance is possible, and the first step is a well-thought-out plan.

Whether you possess a robust support system or not, this seminar can help anyone navigating the challenges of aging independently. 

Our panel of experts will help educate, equip, and empower you with knowledge and tools for the future.

• Learn Expert Advice: Navigate tough medical, financial, and housing decisions. 

• Learn Real Solutions: Build a support network tailored to your specific needs. 

• Learn Essential Questions: Find out the questions about aging solo you might not even realize you need to be asking. 

• Learn How to Leverage: Utilize services, technology, and resources to your best advantage, to enhance your life journey.  

Empower yourself with the information you need to plan for a safe, financially secure, healthy, happy old age. Register now for this informative and empowering session of the Senior Education Series. 

Embrace possibilities and maximize this journey! 

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