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Cosmetic Acupuncture applied to tone facial muscles to decrease marionette lines and to lift and sculpt neck line
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A natural facelift — the result of full-body balance

Above: BEFORE & AFTER — Cosmetic acupuncture applied to tone facial muscles to decrease marionette lines and to lift and sculpt the neck line. Courtesy photo


ENCINITAS — Balance is key in every area of our lives and well-being, including the health of our skin. So much so that by restoring balance in our bodies, we can effectively create a “natural facelift” by treating our bodies from the inside out. At North County Natural Medicine, Sarah Vogel helps her patients find the root of their skincare issues and achieve their desired results with a combination of cosmetic acupuncture and a comprehensive plan for their daily lives to achieve the harmony necessary for healthy, glowing skin.

Cosmetic acupuncture is used to treat a variety of skincare issues. It works to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, reverse sun damage and pigmentation, tone facial muscles and tighten loose skin, reduce pore size, improve skin texture and repair visible scarring. Vogel, a licensed acupuncturist, said in cosmetic acupuncture hair-thin needles are placed along specific meridians on the face and body, redirecting the Qi and blood to the organs that are out of balance.

Sarah Vogel

“Everyone is predisposed to have certain signs as we age,” she said. “My patients receive more than just a treatment, I do an initial intake to determine what those are, and then we work to address those and restore whole body harmonization. A patient’s internal health will begin to reflect in their skin with lasting results.”

Vogel points to five specific constitutions and the meridians — or pathways along which the body’s vital energy flows — that are affected. “A fire constitution affects the heart and small intestine, and skin concerns would be broken capillaries, redness, rashes and eczema-type concerns,” she said. “An earth constitution affects the spleen and the stomach. Heavy, sagging facial muscles and ‘turkey neck’ are areas of concern. With a metal constitution, the lung and large intestine are affected and concerns include excessive oily or dry skin, enlarged or too small pores and a tendency toward acne. A water constitution affects the kidney and urinary bladder and the signs are puffiness, bags under the eyes, thinning hair, premature aging and pale skin. Finally, the wood constitution, affects the liver and gall bladder. Concerns are wrinkles, the ’11 lines’ between the eyebrows and across the forehead, age spots and sun spots.”

Once she knows which meridian is affected, Vogel uses specialized needles to concentrate on the corresponding acupuncture and facial motor points to help restore balance. “The needles work to increase circulation to the face, improving muscle and skin tone and decreasing fine lines and wrinkles,” she said.

Recognizing that some people have an aversion to needles, Vogel said that not only is the treatment painless, patients even describe it as deeply relaxing. “Patients not only leave here relaxed, they also see a natural glow and improvement after the first treatment,” she said. “It does take several treatments to achieve lasting results. Think of it like going to the gym for your face. You are getting your facial muscles toned and strengthening your constitution.”

Vogel said that results can last one to three years after a full round of treatment when patients follow a treatment plan designed for their constitution. “I am adamant about dietary changes and making better choices,” she said. “This is not just a cosmetic treatment; we work to get your whole body in balance. I don’t just treat your one concern; I also help you to prevent further issues.”

For more information about North County Natural Medicine and their cosmetic acupuncture services, visit or call (760) 385-8683. They are located at 815 N. Vulcan Avenue in Encinitas.

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