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A challenge to vaccination law

Mr. Elias spouts pro-vaccine dogma, literally pulling statistics out of a hat (“Vaccination law takes effect, but under challenge,” Aug. 19).

As I write this, families are leaving the state because their children have been the denied the right to an education due to non-compliance with vaccine mandates.

Not since the days of slavery have parents been denied the right to make major life decisions for their children.

Mr. Elias cites a 95 percent vaccination rate as protective against disease based on absolutely nothing.

There is not a shred of evidence that even 100 percent rates of vaccination are protective against disease. Case in point, college students in New England boast close to 100 percent vaccination rate.

Yet some of them could not attend their own graduations last year due to a mumps outbreak!

Those Ivy League geniuses assumed all the risks of the vaccination procedure, yet derived no benefit.

An infectious disease specialist had this to say about the outbreak:

“The exposure that they (students) have to mumps is so high in these situations (college) that it overcomes the ability of the vaccine to protect them.”

Translation, “vaccines don’t work.”

Why might that be? Vaccines produce antibodies, but not a complete immune response that would be triggered by live virus. Antibodies are not the primary means by which the body fights viral disease. The cellular response is far more effective.

Furthermore, an abortive immune response may make it more difficult for the immune system to mount an effective response when challenged with the natural virus.

The herd theory applies to natural immunity, not the waning vaccine variety.

About two thirds of a herd was theorized to need immunity in order to prevent the spread of disease.

As for the contrived Disneyland measles outbreak, it has not been determined whether this was wild virus or the vaccine variety that caused the disease.

The real reason for the hype over this small outbreak was that well-educated parents in affluent areas were refusing to follow the recommended vaccine schedule.

Without legislation, the expansive vaccine schedule could not be rammed down their throats.

There is no arguing with parents who are better educated on the very real risks of vaccines than their cook book pediatricians.

Medical school teaches little more than the current recommended (and ever expanding) vaccine schedules.

Has your physician informed you that after vaccination, viruses are shed for up to three months and that vaccine strains can cause disease?

Perhaps we should pass another law that forces the recently vaccinated kids to stay under quarantine for three months to prevent the spread of disease?

Why is it that healthy unvaccinated kids are excluded from school, but those who carry known infectious diseases like hepatitis are not?

It is a sad fact that the major cause of polio in the 1950s and ‘60s was the polio vaccine. In India and other places where the live polio vaccine is still administered, the polio vaccine is now the major cause of childhood paralysis.

Furthermore, the live polio vaccine contained a retrovirus, SV40, now present in the human genome and implicated in a host of cancers.

It would seem that meddling with the balance of microbes in our environment has unexpected and dangerous consequences.

Why did California push so hard for mandatory vaccination laws?

California is a pilot for the nation. There are huge profits to be made in this industry with zero liability on the part of the manufacturers.

Merck was recently slammed with $ 87 million in criminal penalties for their marketing of the dangerous drug Vioxx. Remember, this is the company you are trusting with your kids health.

It’s like hiring a convicted sex offender as your babysitter. Imagine a car salesman with zero product liability. Would you buy from them? Exactly. Vaccine manufacturers have complete immunity from liability. If your child has a seizure and dies the next day, they won’t bat an eye.

Neither will your pediatrician who is similarly insured. When in doubt, follow the money.

I was paid nothing for writing this to educate you. If only Merck were a public service organization.

Go see “Vaxxed” and see the corruption for yourself.

Sylvia Rogers is a San Marcos resident.


bilingualmom September 2, 2016 at 10:55 am

I could go on and on, giving evidence for each of Ms. Rogers’s claims (the only one I’m not familiar with is viruses shedding for 3 months… I would have to verify that). However, I’m out of time, so I beg you to research what she says for yourself.

Most of us are against this law because vaccines have caused serious harm to one of our children, and that is why we no longer vaccinate. However, CDC guidelines for medical exemptions require a child to almost die from a vaccine before they are given an exemption – to just that one, not any others, despite similar ingredients and the admission that they have no idea WHY your child reacted. That is how my son got a medical exemption to the DTaP. Of course, after 7th grade, the next vaccine checkpoint, that medical exemption will be useless as I do not plan to play with his brain again, especially for the chickenpox vaccine.

Please remember our kids. They are part of the community too (and still at church, at the library, at the grocery store, etc.) and their lives matter too.

bilingualmom September 2, 2016 at 10:51 am

Ms. Rogers says, “If your child has a seizure and dies the next day, they won’t bat an eye.” (after vaccination)

This is certainly how it seems to me. How else can I explain the fact that the exact type of seizures my son started having after vaccination with the DTaP vaccine have been associated for DECADES with the pertussis vaccine (since at least the 70’s), yet neither the manufacturers nor the CDC have done anything to try to determine why this happens to some kids, or who it is most likely to happen to after vaccination. My son almost died, and neither the CDC nor the vaccine manufacturer care.

Instead, our kids are treated as collateral damage in the campaign to vaccinate everybody for everything. Then imagine my anger to learn that my son’s life was permanently affected by this vaccine, and it is not even that effective! The measles vaccine (which also has adverse reactions, of course), does a great job of preventing the measles. The whooping cough vaccine does not.

In fact, a 2013 FDA study on baboons, chosen for their similar immune systems, found that the baboons who were vaccinated for whooping cough, when they were later intentionally exposed to the bacteria that causes it, still colonized the bacteria in their airways. Their bodies took up to six weeks to get rid of the bacteria, and in the meantime, they infected the unvaccinated baboons in the group. The bacteria is always circulating, my son’s school just sent a notice home about another case – in a vaccinated child, of course – so that means there are a lot of people out there who IF the vaccine works (50/50 chance) and they don’t have symptoms of pertussis, then are out in public spreading the bacteria and infecting others without knowing it.

bilingualmom September 2, 2016 at 10:37 am

Ms. Rogers says “Vaccine manufacturers have complete immunity from liability.”

Yes, we pay a tax on every dose of vaccine given, which goes to the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. That way the vaccine manufacturers don’t have to pay when their product causes injury. It is a wonderful business deal for the manufacturers of vaccines. Who wouldn’t want to be shielded from any liability for harm from your product? And even better, have a product which is being mandated more and more, because hey, what business wouldn’t love to be able to force most of the population to buy its products? Best business setup ever!

More parents should know about this program, as the statute of limitations is 2 years if your child dies after vaccination, and three years for injury such as uncontrolled seizure disorder. If you miss that statute of limitations, you’re out of luck. Oh wait, that’s right- Assemblyman Travis Allen tried to pass a law here in California (AB 2832) just a few months back that would have put a prominent link on the California Department of Health website to the NVICP and also to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. Because keeping parents in the loop is a good thing, right?

Too bad the bill failed. Pharmaceutical companies sent their best lobbyists. Or was it all the donations they have made to some of Mr. Allen’s colleagues in the past? Who knows.

bilingualmom September 2, 2016 at 10:26 am

Ms. Rogers is right, healthy children who are missing even one dose of one of the ten mandated vaccines (which includes chickenpox and Hepatitis B) cannot attend public or private school anymore in this great state. But as she pointed out, children who are infected with Hepatitis B are welcome in our schools, and in fact their privacy is protected. :)

bilingualmom September 2, 2016 at 10:17 am

Ms. Rogers is absolutely correct when she says that the students in the Harvard mumps outbreak were all vaccinated. There is currently an outbreak on Long Island too. They say “most” of the young people have also been vaccinated. Now that I am familiar with how the media works, I think a fair guess would be that “most” means 35 of the 36 people who are infected, but I’d love to know for sure. The mumps vaccine is not very effective.

Eileen September 1, 2016 at 6:26 pm

I believe what Barbara Loe Fisher, who has spent a lifetime studying vaccines has said, “there are more questions than answers” regarding the ultimate affects of the vaccine program on human health. The diligent efforts that scientists have made to protect us from infectious disease have resulted in benefits for some and horrific suffering for others. Pro-vaxxers constantly tout the adage “vaccines save lives”, but couldn’t the same be said of antibiotics? Science eventually learned that antibiotics should be used selectively because profligate use of antibiotics leads to health problems that can be as damaging as the germ they were used to prevent. I look forward to the day when vaccines are viewed in the same light. Only a small percentage of people suffered adverse effects from most of the diseases for which people are vaccinated. Why hasn’t there been an effort to identify and target vaccination at those portions of the population? Likewise why hasn’t there been a serious scientific effort to identify and protect those who are susceptible to vaccine injury? If we are to believe the writing of the former editors of the world’s two most prestigious medical journals (NEJM & BJM), it could be because the industry has taken hold of “peer reviewed science” and it is ever so much more profitable to blanket vaccinate the entire population. The confessions of top CDC scientist and whistleblower, William Thompson, confirm this interpretation. His statements make it clear that the vaccine division at the CDC is much more concerned with protecting the ever expanding vaccine program than with protecting human health. The net result is that man made auto-immune disease is devastating countless lives.

Nikki Leeds August 31, 2016 at 4:00 pm

To Richard: To your point, have you ever watched a vaccine injured child seize, vomit, convulse, and then die? It is disingenuous not to have that same circular discussion, then, about the literally hundreds of thousands of vaccine injured children. Polio was brought about by a virus, many of our children with Autism, Crohns, Celiac, Asthma, Eczema, Peanut Allergies, Hyper-inflammatory Disease, Allergic Disease, chronic ear infections, neurological disorders, ASIA, SIDS, and literally dozens of other auto-immune diseases can be traced back to vaccinations. Let’s have a science and fact based debate because our children’s lives depend on it. Constantly looking in the rear view mirror with regard to Polio does not address the epidemic of pediatric illness since the mid 80’s, nor is it constructive.

Geoff August 31, 2016 at 3:42 pm

I consider myself to be fairly well educated and come from a background heavy in science. I used to think that “anti-vaxxers” (I hate that term for a variety of reasons) were clueless and personally never even gave the whole vaccine debate much thought until someone I love was passionate about issue, which forced me to be opened minded and conduct my own research. Long story short, I think Sylvia Rogers pretty much hits the nail on the head. The vaccine industry is a racket and has without a doubt corrupted both our politicians and the CDC. More parents need to keep an open mind and do their own research.

Whitley Sanders August 28, 2016 at 4:19 pm

I can appreciate Ms. Rogers passion for this subject, but I am equally disturbed by her tone and posture. Making medical claims or discounting the claims of medically trained professionals when you have no MD is grossly irresponsible.

One SHOULD NOT assume there’s a correlation between ones level of education and economic status in regards to their knowledge on vaccines. Pediatricians are (last I checked) well-educated and mostly affluent.

You have every right to believe what you will and make decisions for your child accordingly. At the end of the day, it should be about what’s BEST for the community (ALL kids).

I count myself blessed that I live in a Nation where vaccines are available. I cannot help but to think about the countless children around the world (and in the US) who die each day due to illnesses that can be prevented by something as simple as a vaccine. I echo what Richard said in his post. My friend of 10 years nearly died as child from an illness. Thirty years later, he is a US citizen, with (2) M.S degrees, a published study (journal); is married and the father of two tri-lingual kids. How is he still here (alive)? He was driven (300 miles) to a “modern” medical facility in his native Cameroon and received an injection. An injection that saved his life.

Whatever you decide for your children, please remember your neighbor’s kids too! Neighbors=community/church/park/school/teams/etc.

Please do your own research and triple check your sources!

Cypher August 28, 2016 at 3:27 pm

Hey, Rob.

How about switching from the old, tired, pathetic strategy of attacking the message, how about attacking the message? Start by refuting with evidence everything the author states with proof? Until you can do you, you have 0 credibility, just like all the other vaxtremists.

Richard Daggett August 28, 2016 at 9:07 am

Sylvia Rogers starts her anti-vaccination diatribe by writing that Mr. Elias is, “literally pulling statistics out of a hat.” She then pulls her own statistics out of the rambling “natural immunity” playbook. This “natural immunity” argument is riddled with false information, and a denial of the harm done by many diseases. I don’t know if this is because vaccines have prevented some devastating disease, and Sylvia Rogers has never seen them, or she just chooses to ignore history.

I sometimes wonder if the anti-vaccine people have ever watched a child die from a vaccine preventable disease. It is often slow and accompanied by physical and mental torment. This torment is shared by the child, the parents, and the medical staff. I have witnessed too much of this.

I am a survivor (just barely) of polio. I spent six months in an iron lung, and three years in a rehabilitation hospital. I know how devastating polio can be. The year I contracted polio, more children died of this disease in the U.S. than of any other communicable disease.

What ended the scourge of polio in the U.S? A vaccine! As recently as 1967, there were an estimated two million deaths from smallpox worldwide. What ended the scourge of smallpox? A vaccine! Don’t tell me vaccines are bad. I have real life experience with this.

Sylvia Rogers doesn’t have a clue!

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