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Joe Clarke helps clients turn their dreams into reality. Courtesy photo
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Why struggle for peace & relaxation? Let a Reiki master do the work

When you’re stressed & tired, the last thing you want to do is try. Try to relax. Try to feel better. Try to let stress & worries go. The very thought of trying creates more stress & worry!

What you want is results. To feel relaxed. To feel better. To feel like you’ve finally let stress & worries go. That way, you are more present & engaged with your loved ones. You bring more energy & focus to the activities you truly enjoy. You feel more at peace & at home with yourself.

How do you get what you want without trying?

Hire an expert! They do the work. You enjoy the results.

Who can help you relax, feel better, and let stress & worries go – with no effort on your part?

A Reiki master.

There’s a certified Reiki master working in North County San Diego. His name is Joe Clarke.

Here’s what your experience with Joe will look like.

Joe provides a clean, comfortable massage table. As you lie down, you hear soothing music, you smell essential oils & sage, & you feel a sense of safety & peace. For the next hour to 90 minutes, Joe performs a Reiki healing by placing his palms onto various points of your body, allowing Reiki energy to flow into you. You simply lie there while Joe & Reiki do the work.

Reiki recipients typically report results like these:

• warm tingling sensations

• seeing soothing colors

• feeling cathartic energetic shifts

• going into a serene trance

• pain lessening or disappearing entirely

• connecting to a sense of spirit

• emotional releases like deep sighs of relief, crying, & the sense of burdens lifting

Clients typically leave Reiki sessions feeling relaxed, refreshed, peaceful, & grateful.

Did you know that Sharp Memorial in San Diego is one of dozens of hospitals around the country that offer Reiki to their patients? They offer Reiki because it consistently delivers results.

Email Joe to schedule a free 20-minute consult call. Cite promo code COASTNEWS90 to receive one 90-minute Reiki session for the price of a 60-minute session.

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