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Volunteers needed for ‘CityStuff’

CARLSBAD — Volunteer Kathy Siemion found out how rewarding it was to present the award-winning CityStuff program to Carlsbad third-graders like Jerry Cullins. Approximately 1,450 Carlsbad third-graders will learn about the city of Carlsbad and free enterprise from volunteers specially trained to present the well-designed, hands-on activities in the CityStuff program.
The innovative CityStuff activities are easy to do. Teaching solo or in two-person teams, volunteers visit a specific classroom one hour a week for six weeks to present the engaging activities. The sixth activity is a script for a mock city council meeting in which students ponder whether to save or cut down a tree. Students act the roles of concerned citizens, elected officials and local experts and see democracy in action.
“The program is wonderful and the kids we taught learned so much and had a fun time doing so,” volunteers Christina Ingwersen and Allison Knepler said.
CityStuff received a 2006 League of California Cities Helen Putnam Award for Excellence in the category, “Ruth Vreeland Award for Engaging Youth in City Government.” The award recognizes collaborative efforts between cities and other agencies to inform and engage youth about city issues and their communities.
For more CityStuff information or to volunteer, visit or contact CityStuff Coordinator Kathy Siemion at [email protected] or (760) 436-0140.