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Items donated by city departments and organizations fill the time capsule that will opened in 2038. There are three other time capsules buried in Oceanside. Photo by Promise Yee

Time capsule buried on city’s 125th anniversary

OCEANSIDE — To mark the city’s 125th anniversary a time capsule was filled with nostalgic and contemporary items, buried in the courtyard of the Civic Center Library, and topped with a granite marker that instructs officials to open it July 3, 2038.David Nydegger, Oceanside Chamber of Commerce CEO, asked city officials, the Oceanside Historical Society, Oceanside Police Department, Oceanside Fire Association, Visit Oceanside, MainStreet Oceanside, Oceanside Museum of Art, Tri-City Hospital and KOCT Television to put something inside.

“I’ve always been fascinated with (time capsules),” Nydegger said. “I thought it would be a fun idea to open it in 25 years when we’d all be around.”

No specific directions were given to organizations on what to put into the 30-by-20-by-24-inch time capsule. The results ranged from city photos, to a dozen DVDs, and a can of a contributor’s favorite soda.

Among the items put inside the capsule is the Oceanside High School 2013 commencement program, the current Yellow Pages and phone book, and photos of current council members.

The Oceanside Historical Society added a CD of photos and a nostalgic “tan your hide in Oceanside” logo T-shirt.

Oceanside Museum of Art put in a children’s collaborative painting, and catalogs from significant exhibits including the James Hubbell sculpture exhibit.

KOCT Television added several DVDs of its programs including the documentary on building the Civic Center that includes an interview with renowned architect Charles Moore.

Nydegger said he also put in the newspaper from his front lawn that morning and a listing of home prices that includes mobile homes and a range of single-family homes.

“I thought in 25 years people would like to see these things,” Nydegger said. “The costs on menus from four or five restaurants, a Camp Pendleton Marine Corps video.”

Nydegger said in addition to the contributions by city departments and community organizations he personally asked people he thought would have something significant to contribute to add to the time capsule.

Junior Seau’s family donated the football player’s wristbands from USC.

Oceanside, N.Y., Chamber of Commerce sent a letter on Hurricane Sandy donations received from the Oceanside, Calif. chamber, to be added to the items that will be buried until 2038.

Nydegger said he knows of three other time capsules the city has buried.

A time capsule was buried in front of City Hall in 1958 to mark the 75th year sine the city purchased the property. It is marked with a bronze plaque and is set to be opened in 2033.

Another time capsule was put in the hallowed out bottom of the pylon at the end of the pier in 1987.

In it is a commemorative coin with the names of that year’s council members.

“It goes back to an old tradition in the Navy of wooden ships and stepping the mast,” Nydegger said. “You put a gold coin at the bottom of the mast for good luck.”

A third time capsule was buried at a city park less than 10 years ago.