Judge throws out Tri-City lawsuit against Scripps

OCEANSIDE — Last week, a California judge dismissed a 4-year-old lawsuit filed by Tri-City Medical against Scripps Health for allegedly poaching patients.

Scientists tracking movement of sand

Scientists tracking movement of sand

CARDIFF-BY-THE-SEA — Millions of dollars have been spent on local beach replenishment projects.

Tri-City, Scripps head to court over lawsuit

OCEANSIDE — On March 9, an appellate court upheld a trial court’s ruling that Tri-City Medical’s claims against Scripps Health are not subject to arbitration. Scripps, seeking arbitration, appealed the ruling to the California Supreme Court.

Tri-City claims against Scripps will go to trial

OCEANSIDE — Tri-City Medical’s lawsuit against Scripps Health will head to trial, according to a court ruling March 29.Tri-City sued Scripps for allegedly directing patients from inside the boundaries of Tri-City’s Healthcare District to Scripps’ facilities.