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Heather Lindemenn leads her monthly Medicina Women’s Circle in Vista. Photo courtesy Heather Lindemenn
Soul on Fire

Soul on Fire: The Momma Yurt — the mother of all yurts will move your soul

Oh, New Year’s Eve. Full of anticipation and hope with new resolve. I always seem to be just a little off target to hit the exact day with my list of things to get rid of that didn’t work the year before and know what I am resolving for the coming 365 days.

This year, I had burned my candle at both ends with lots of events and putting on Thanksgiving and Christmas potlucks that fed 150 people at a time, and I was all heart-full for those efforts of service. I had big plans for New Year’s Eve to bring to the annual Burning Bowl ceremony at Seaside. I bought one of those My Word Intention gadgets and white rocks with ink pens to write your word, so confident I was of the value of this added ritual to the established event.

Then I got hit with that lovely flu that was going around and literally could not even move — my eyelashes hurt. Coughing and muscle aches. Blah. I moved as if I could make it, but it became increasingly apparent that I was down for the count. Now what? I had all these things to burn, all these “intentions” of adding value. Spirit had other plans for me, it seemed. I had to surrender to the fact that they were going to be just fine without me,  and didn’t even need my extras for the event, there was no way I was going to make it out on New Year’s Eve.

There I was. Alone with myself and not able to hide behind my busyness, I had to really think of what the heck I was doing. Did I even take time to think of my own word for 2020? I was so busy making sure everyone else would have that experience. Had I even contemplated what my 2019 had looked like long enough to identify what wasn’t working that I no longer wanted to hold onto and bring forward? Don’t I always blow it anyway and then feel ashamed that I couldn’t stick to a resolution? What is this collective thinking around New Year’s Eve, anyway? Can’t I re-start and call in the new at any moment in time?

Scrolling Instagram, I see a notice for an event that is occurring on Saturday, Jan. 4. It says, “Calling IN the New Year 2020.” A one-day workshop. Saying that, “Before we get all frothed up creating lists of the things we want to create, do, and achieve in 2020, before THAT — we are going to dive into something MORE important … we are going to come face to face with what stands in the way of us sticking with our New Year’s resolutions.”

My interpretation was until we get rid of old patterns of behavior; it doesn’t matter how many resolutions you put out there. OK. This is sounding more like it. I’m always running just a tad late to required deadlines. I should be well by Saturday, I think to myself. Next thing you know, I am signing up. It’s being held at the Momma Yurt in Vista.

Wait a minute. I just signed up for a Breathwork training in February at the Momma Yurt, and I’ve been hearing more and more people in my circle make comments about it, having had profound experiences of the soulful nature there. I felt on the right track. I’m so going.

When the alarm went off at 6 a.m. to remind me that I signed up for an all-day 9 to 5 new year workshop, I groaned. I wasn’t 100% yet, but I dragged myself together and grabbed a journal and a water bottle and headed off to Vista. After winding around some back roads, I drove down a long driveway and was greeted by a lovely angelic gal directing me where to park. I hopped out and walked down a wooden plank that has incense burning and has flowers on the path. There was a fantastic Yurt, but the doors were closed, so I continued on to a makeshift kitchen where teas and coffee with fruit and healthy snacks were awaiting. Soon, the area was filled with women who clearly knew each other and had been here before. Everyone was led to a circle outside the yurt by the lovely Heather Lindemenn. She is the facilitator and the momma of the Momma Yurt. Her energy envelops you with a warm, welcoming hug that’s ethereal. We are to leave the outside world outside the Yurt. The Yurt is a sacred space. We recognized each other even though we had never met. It’s like that.

What ensued after those eight hours in that yurt with those women is almost indescribable. I had no idea my jaw had been clenched for the last 15 years. This was not your mama’s goal-setting workshop. All I know is that I dropped off some deep-rooted stuff I’ve been carrying around for years that hasn’t worked for me, and I have new lifelong friends as we shared something profound, holy, and life-altering in that letting go. And I sure didn’t go into it thinking I was going to write a column about it. Then again, I am not really writing this column.

Heather has been facilitating women’s circles since she was a child growing up in SRF studies in Encinitas. Studying in the Yucatan with earth medicine healing guides and deep jungle tribal Shamans, Heather was able to break free of the confines of the psychology matrixes of conventional education systems, that only seem to manage suffering without looking at what’s underneath it — immersing herself instead in the methodology of embodiment and breathwork, massage therapy, grief counseling, deep recovery work, and energetic healing modalities of all kinds. The result is that she can uncover the root of repeating patterns in her attendees at the workshops, one-on-one sessions, and international retreats she conducts in non-linear ways that can only be described as magical and mystical. She calls in the ancients and brings in grandmother wisdom of the ages. Mother Earth. Mother Mary. Tribal wisdom. The medicine of women in circles. She looks at the messes and moves it along one step at a time, following the breadcrumbs of clues that come directly from Spirit. From a Soul on Fire.

The Momma Yurt, this alter of the heart, this sacred round space that is a replication of what is going on in her own heart of healing is available for other facilitators to rent out for healing work as well. She also facilitates her own twice-monthly programs and workshops like the one I attended, open to the public by reservation. She trains others in the art of helping and healing, going beyond the outer layer of pretending and pleasantry. She goes deep. Her unique work is making the world a better place by healing issues in her clients around relationship, money, self-esteem, and deep childhood wounds by connecting one to their soul and merging their spirit through the dark, shadowy spaces. Gently leading seekers to find their voice of the soul leading them out transformed and renewed with a spark that ignites other souls. She grants each participant their internal authority and challenges the predators of our sub-conscious that throw self-doubt into the innate wisdom that is in each of us if we only tap in, listen, and follow the guidance.

Check out for all her offerings that will soon include online podcasts and lots of dreamwork immersion, taking the seeker to unseen places to better connect to and ignite their soul. The upcoming Immersion into Mysteries is a four-month program that lays the foundations for soul conversations and directly connects the student to the inroads of understanding that can lead to your higher callings in life. It won’t be by chance, but by divine appointment that you end up at The Momma Yurt. Like Momma says, when you’re ready to heal, you will take your medicine.