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Shooting suspect will get his day in court

Brendan O’Rourke, an extremist right wing Christian, allegedly climbed a fence and fired wildly into Kelly Elementary School on Oct. 8, 2010. He struck two young girls with through-and-through graze wounds.
This means that the .357 rounds fired from O’Rourke’s Ruger passed through the tiny fragile arms of two young girls, whose only concern that day was what their teacher was going to assign as homework, or maybe who they were going to walk home with.
Imagine walking to school as an 8-year-old. You show up distracted, tired and not in any frame of mind to deal with basic arithmetic.
My rush toward getting to school on time was determined by just how quickly my GT Performer could pedal up Grape Street. I had an almost Cannonball Run-like race towards Bostonia Elementary on a daily basis.
I thought of bullies, spelling tests, my sixth-grade teacher Mr. Bates and his bloviating tirades, horrible lunch options, and how Dave Melville and I would find new ways to injure ourselves during recess.
Never in my wildest dreams did I think that my day would devolve into diving under my desk and being escorted out of my school by law enforcement officials whose only job was to keep me alive while a damaged individual took pot shots at my elementary school classmates.
Without sounding like a pathetic soundbite from Faux News, what the hell is happening with society when this has become a horrific, but sadly accepted, portion of the educational experience?
Kudos to those alert construction workers for allegedly treating O’Rourke like a speed bump and then furiously beating him into a sad puddle of worthless humanity. How they stopped themselves, I’ll never know.
From kindergarten through college, you should have a reasonable expectation of safety when you walk onto a campus only hoping to expand your mind without losing its content via a gunman’s bullet.
Now imagine all of a sudden getting your arm perforated by someone whose only comment (as of this writing) was, “Death to Obama. Kill all the little f—–s.” Classy huh? Due process becomes just a wee bit more difficult to swallow after an incident like this. But that’s just me, a guy with a young daughter.
Regardless of my personal beliefs, we still live in a country that values and respects due process even if it’s utilized in an increasingly mistrusted judicial system.
Mr. O’Rourke will get his day in court, and if he truly believes in that religious mumbo-jumbo he was spouting, he’ll get his day of front of Jeebus too. Either way, he already took a beating from the courageous men who stepped in to save those children.
I guess that’s a start.