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San Diego debuts website to help prospective urban farmers get started

REGION — With more people spending time at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, the city of San Diego launched a website today that provides information and assistance on how to become a successful “urban farmer.”

Urban farming can come in many forms and sizes. It can be vegetables grown in containers on a home patio, a community garden that covers one or more city blocks, or raising certain animals such as chickens or bees.

The city’s new urban farming website includes:

  • Resources for both home and community gardens;
  • Information on raising bees, chickens and goats;
  • Access to additional data from various local and national sources;
  • Details about city programs for assistance with permits, composting, seed libraries and more.

“Just because we live in a big city doesn’t mean we cannot become small-scale farmers,” said Erik Caldwell, the city’s deputy chief operating officer for Smart & Sustainable Communities. “The urban farming website is a one-stop shop with a lot of great information to help San Diegans produce their own food.”

According to a city statement, urban farming supports the city’s Climate Action Plan in that producing food locally can help San Diego become more sustainable. In addition, urban farming can help residents lower their grocery bills, provide more healthy produce for their families and neighbors and improve the environment.

For information, visit the city’s Urban Farming website.