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Ranch ponders future leaders

RANCHO SANTA FE — Where are the future leaders of Rancho Santa Fe? Who is willing to give back to the community? Who will be there to grab the torch as today’s leaders finish their terms? These are questions that loomed large for the current board of directors at their Nov. 5 meeting.
At the meeting directors amended their Committee Policy, allowing more time to recruit members for vacancies on committees. The amendment extends the
nominating deadline until the next board meeting Nov. 19. “This gives us more time for recruits,” Covenant Administrator Ivan Holler said.
Currently there are openings on the Trails Committee, Osuna Committee and Parks and Recreation Committee. Even though several current committee members have agreed to stay if needed, the search for replacements is a challenge for the Association. “We need to get people involved,” President Bill Beckman said “How do we get the best possible candidates?”
Beckman asked for an open brainstorming session to allow input from all directors and those attending the meeting. According to Beckman, many directors are recruited from those serving on committees, which have proven to be good training grounds. But how should the board entice new recruits to serve on committees?
“It’s difficult,” Director Tim Sullivan said. “Every year I ask over 100 people and I’m lucky to get five.”
Director Dick Doughty suggested that each board member contact two individuals and in turn they each ask three people, but Director Kim Higgins worried that those not accepted would feel rejected and perhaps not serve in the future. “It’s a constant ongoing process,” Sullivan said.
In other Association news, Chief Financial Officer Steve Comstock received authorization to use $400,000 of Open Space funds to reduce the Osuna principal loan amount. The property was purchased in June 2006 and at the time of purchase approximately $6.8 million was funded from available Open Space funds; an additional $5 million was secured from First National Bank at a rate of 5.5 percent. Retiring debt has been a priority for the Association board of directors and will save money on interest in years to come.
The next Association meeting is scheduled for Nov. 19.
Anyone interested in serving on a committee is encouraged to contact the Association at (858) 756-1174.