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Maggie Devlin, a pro-life supporter, shows off a pin representing the size of a baby’s feet in the fetus at 6 weeks old. Devlin was one of at least 45 people rallying outside Planned Parenthood during a pro-life rally last weekend. Photo by Tony Cagala
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Pro-life supporters rally in Vista, nation

VISTA — Maggie Devlin showed off a small pin on her sweatshirt. The pin wasn’t probably more than half-an-inch in size and was in the shape of two small feet.

She said it represented the size of a baby’s feet in the fetus at 6 weeks old.

Devlin was one of the pro-life protestors standing out front of the Vista Planned Parenthood on Via Centre last weekend, taking part in a local Protest Planned Parenthood rally that was also happening nationwide.

She was one of about 45 pro-life supporters to take part in the local rally.

The nationwide rallys come as the Republican-majority held Congress continues to make moves towards defunding Planned Parenthood, the nonprofit healthcare provider that offers several health services, including abortions.

Joanne Strantz, another of the pro-life supporters at Saturday’s rally, said what they were out there doing was a “prayerful protest,” not a political one. The demonstrations are peaceful, she said, adding that they were out there to support women.

Devlin, a mother of four, said she was praying for those women that quote her the common refrain of pro-choice supporters: “My body, my choice.”

“I was praying for those women, because they somehow have heard the, ‘My body, my choice’ idea. But it’s not their body,” Devlin said. “It’s somebody else’s body…after conception, it’s somebody else’s body.”

Pro-life supporters  demonstrate their beliefs and their rights Saturday morning outside the Vista Planned Parent Hood office. Photo by Pat Cubel
Pro-life supporters demonstrate their beliefs and their rights Saturday morning outside the Vista Planned Parent Hood office. Photo by Pat Cubel


While not an official group, Richard Hodges and a number of other North County pro-life supporters stand outside the Vista Planned Parenthood every Monday and Thursday each week.

“We’re just here to pray,” Hodges said of the pro-life supporters. “We’re not here to block the doors…people’s hearts are going to have to change. That’s the only way abortion is going to end, is people are going to have to realize what’s happening.”

Hodges said he didn’t think there would be any negative ramifications should the healthcare clinic be forced to close its doors if it lost its federal funding.

“Not at all,” said Hodges. “I just think it’s really sad that, as human beings, we don’t respect life at all. Our society now, whether it’s the unborn or whether it’s the elderly, we just don’t have a respect for life. If we don’t respect life at the very beginning — the very foundation — drugs, alcoholism, divorce and all that, it’s a joke.

“If society would be more concerned with the human race instead of material things, we can only be more healthier,” he said.

Pro- life and Pro-choice protesters demonstrate outside the Vista Planned Parent Hood office. Photo by Pat Cubel
Pro- life and Pro-choice protesters demonstrate outside the Vista Planned Parent Hood office. Photo by Pat Cubel


Standing just a few feet down the sidewalk, Alexis Panchevre and a handful of other pro-choice supporters held a pro-Planned Parenthood rally of their own. Panchevre said she wanted to march in solidarity with the healthcare provider, even as a larger Defend Planned Parenthood rally was taking place at the same time in Encinitas.

Showing support was important to her, she said, as there were so many issues at stake, going beyond women’s issues and including the separation of church and state.

“Keep your Jesus to you, and I’ll keep my body to me,” she said. “It’s like an onion that keeps blooming, there’s so many layers here.”

Panchevre planned to make a donation to the clinic after making her message heard, and feared what could come if it lost its funding.

“I would definitely say that we would see an uptick in teen pregnancy again. I think that we would see an uptick in STDs,” Panchevre said.

She said most people don’t even realize how many aspects of life the healthcare provider touches with its services.

Cita Walsh, vice president, marketing and communications of Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest, said the Vista health center saw 16,549 patients during the last fiscal year.

According to Walsh, approximately 8 percent of these patients use commercial insurance, 60 percent use Family PACT, 22 percent Medi-Cal, and 10 percent use cash.

“Defunding Planned Parenthood could deny our Vista patients access to the life-saving cancer screenings, birth control, STD and HIV testing and treatment they rely on,” said Walsh. “For some North County patients, Planned Parenthood may be the health care provider they see.”



bill February 18, 2017 at 1:30 pm

pro-life fanatic vp mike pence will love vista, ca.!

Chris. W. February 17, 2017 at 11:07 pm


You are misinformed my dear. And it is unfair of you to project what you think people will feel based on how you would feel. Spiritual consequences? Really? Again pushing YOUR rhetoric. If a woman has made up HER OWN MIND to abort the baby… Let her do it. It’s her choice. Her uterus. Unless… you have some fund saved up to provide for these children after they are born then maybe I could see you doing God’s work.

Why would you force someone to have a child? Why come out negative against any group that is giving women choices.

Patti J. Smith February 16, 2017 at 4:41 pm

Thank you for your coverage of the Pro-Life side of the Defund Planned Parenthood and showing the picture of the feet of a six week gestation baby. What Planned Parenthood doesn’t tell you is that there are other low cost clinics available in the area that provide comprehensive healthcare, including mammograms and prenatal services. Planned Parenthood does not provide either. Defunding Planned Parenthood would not preclude anyone from getting healthcare services whatsoever…..they use that as a fear tactic for fundraising. Also, they provide chemically induced abortions (the abortion pill)…..that a girl takes and subsequently aborts at home, resulting in trauma seeing the aborted baby – proving the humanity of the child too late. PP also does not provide information on the Abortion Pill Reversal Program which has proven to be quite effective. ( Planned Parenthood does not advise their clients about the psychological, physical and/or spiritual consequences of having an abortion nor does it provide information regarding after-abortion healing programs to help deal with the subsequent fall-out from having an abortion. ( Don’t be misled by the Planned Parenthood rhetoric.

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