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Modern Technocracy is manufacturing unique, professional-grade equipment for live-action photographers and videographers. Courtesy photo
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New company putting spin on action sports photography

REGION — Locals are taking advantage of mobile cameras by putting their own spin on the mounts and accessories.

Founded by 13 original GoPro athletes, including surfer Reno Makani, Modern Technocracy is manufacturing unique, professional-grade equipment for live-action photographers and videographers.

Company CEO Michael Marckx, formerly of Spy Optics, said the new line of accessories is already a hit since the business “opened” on May 4 — even though the products are not yet in stores.

The company is laying the groundwork to get its product in stores by July, while individual customers may receive their orders by the end of June.

“You can order the product at a discount and we will send it to you some time at the end of June,” Marckx said.

With offices and warehouses in Carlsbad, Encinitas and Cardiff-by-the-Sea, Modern Technocracy has constructed durable mounts for mobile cameras such as GoPros to capture unique views and angles for all avenues.

Marckx boasts the product is able to position cameras in “novel positions” to capture never-before-seen angles without damaging or losing the equipment.

“The mounts were always breaking … and wasting money,” Marckx said. “They articulate and swivel in ways no other product does, so when you mount one of these things, it won’t break.”

Marckx came on board as an advisor last September and was hired as CEO not long after.

Although other companies are making similar products, Marckx said their competitors have already acknowledged the company as being the best.

Modern Technocracy uses carbon fiber and high-grade aluminum durable enough to withstand 60-foot waves or flying at 165 mph in a wingsuit.

The patented design of the MT system allows for 360-degree rotation and the ability to attach multiple capture devices to one mount, affording nearly endless capabilities. The articulating modular aspect of the device lets users build new custom mounts while still being able to position the camera at any angle with the pivot-style design.

“We know it’s superior,” Marckx added. “Everyone acknowledges the product is by far the most premium and versatile in the marketplace.”

As for marketing, he said the athletes themselves would assist in that, in addition to possibly working with GoPro.

“I suspect they will end up being a good marketing partner for us,” he added. “We have a wide array of arrows in the quiver and people to help tell our story.”

The camera mounts will range in price from $59.99 to $119.99.

“The tail mount is definitely my favorite POV and I’ve just found it so easy and reliable,” founding athlete Harley Ingleby said. “It’s just such an adaptable mounting system, it’s been incredible.”

The budding company is using crowd funding to get its project off the ground, including offers special packages and trips for customers willing to contribute.