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Letters to the Editor: Aug. 10, 2012

Take back local control 

Peter Kohl’s August 3 commentary, “In response to Mr. Audet” is confusing, misleading and less than factual.

Kohl insists “opinions, claims and thoughts” should be based on documented facts such as AB 32, SB 375 and RHNA numbers. Never explained is the acronym RHNA or any specific language governing how the California Assembly Bill and Senate Bill mandate global warming solutions through regional agency requirements for affordable housing elements.

From my own research I found RHNA refers to Regional Housing Needs Allocation. My understanding of the workshops is that most “private citizens” attending have been giving their input on how the “whole thing” hasn’t been working, and how the numbers given to SANDAG, through the City of Encinitas, regarding actual population growth, are excessive, leading to unrealistic amounts of “mandated” affordable housing units,

Contrary to Kohl’s allegations, a large number of citizens are unhappy with what’s taking place. We have voiced legitimate concerns over methodologies used, questionable mapping exercises, which pit one community against another, as well as exaggerated population figures, from which the total number of required affordable units is incorrectly interpolated.

Citizens have been given much data and many acronyms to digest, to try to comprehend. We don’t feel we’ve been given equal voice with business, commercial and development interests. We also have no assurances of what percentage of new high density growth seemingly being forced upon us actually will be affordable!

Kohl says he won’t reply on a comment-by comment basis. Perhaps this is because Kohl can’t refute Andrew Audet’s assertions of informed opinions and logical arguments? Audet directly and clearly addressed, point-by-point, Kohl’s questions and issues raised on June 29.

We can stand up and take back local control; please sign the Right to Vote on Upzoning Initiative! Let the citizens decide what’s right.

Lynn Marr,