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Chris Kydd on the set of the Encinitas Chamber Chat: Live Podcast hosted by the Chamber's Carol Knight. Courtesy photo
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Keeping it local with Chris Kydd, associate publisher of The Coast News

Six in 10 Americans have more trust in local than national news to give them information used in their daily life, and nearly eight in 10 trust local news more to give them information needed to get involved in their community. Reliable news sources are like the old town square, where locals congregate and shape their communities through debate and discussion.

We sat down with Chris on the importance of keeping it local, the changing media landscape and how this publication is a family affair.

Tell us about your family history with the paper and your role there.

My father moved to Encinitas in 1982 and started The Coast News in his garage in 1987. I worked part time in high school doing page layout and distribution. Today my role is everything from ad sales, web development, and distribution to strategizing a way forward so we can continue our mission to keep people connected through local news.

The media landscape has changed, including the recent change in ownership of The San Diego Union-Tribune.  Why is local news vital?

An informed citizenry can make informed voting decisions. This is the most important role we play. When politicians and powerful entities know they will be held accountable by an independent media, they are more likely to stick to campaign promises. The paper also is a powerful marketing platform that is fundamental to the health of many local businesses we work with.

How can people support local newspapers?

Two things: support our advertisers and sign up for a small monthly donation to The Coast News. When you shop from ads in our newspapers and website, remember to say you saw it in The Coast News.

You are an active member of the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce. Why do you think local Chambers are important?

I joined for networking, but the Chamber soon became like a second family. I like the social aspect and the valuable professional connections I make — mostly small local businesses which we like to work with.

You started Chamber Chatter with the Encinitas Chamber and it has now expanded to include San Marcos. Why did you want to start this column?

Adding a face and a story to local businesses helps readers get to know them better, increasing their support and keeping tax dollars local. The content is interesting to readers, provides a tool for the Chamber and provides us a way to connect with prospective advertisers who are featured. Everyone wins.

Your perfect day in Encinitas?

A bike ride and a dip in the ocean followed by beers and a bbq with friends and family.

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